A Pause for Paws :)

I have mentioned in a number of posts about the way that Ray uses his paws. We are assuming that it was a skill learnedΒ  out of necessity while he was running as a stray.

The other day, I gave him a yogurt container to clean out (he loves yogurt!), and he immediately wrapped his paws around it… while I immediately dashed off to get my camera! The short video below (36 secs) is not exactly full of drama, but it is interesting, especially near the end when he appears to realize that there is more yogurt in a “hard to reach” area!




34 thoughts on “A Pause for Paws :)

  1. Dear Ray,
    About the yogurt: Have you considered getting (into) Stonyfield Yogurt? It is made here in NH (Londonderry), and is organic, with good ingredients. It is not nearly as sweet as the other yogurt brands, but tastes quite good and is SO good for you. I do not know if you can get it up there in Canada, but I hope so.

    Take good care of yourself. Take good care of Colin and Carol. You are a great dog; especially fun to read about.

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