A minor setback!

I had some banking business to attend to so we all went to the bank and Ray, predictably, had a bounce in his step once he knew where we were going. Upon entering the bank, he went straight to the Service Desk, obviously intent on meeting his friend there who loves him and gives him biscuits but, this time, she was not there.

Not to be deterred, he just went into his sit position and stared at the lady who was there. As I have noted on a number of occasions, how one responds to a Rotti stare** is very much dictated by ones feelings towards dogs. In this case, the lady was clearly uncomfortable with Ray staring at her and explained that she was afraid of dogs.

We pulled him back to a seating area where we waited for me to be called in for my appointment. While we waited, one of the Tellers (who owns a dog and loves Ray dearly – in fact she moaned at me a week or two ago for going into the bank without him!) became free and, as I needed to make a withdrawal anyway, Ray got his opportunity.

The teller saw us coming and immediately got a biscuit out for him and within seconds (too fast for us mere humans), he had his feet on the counter top and was grabbing his biscuit! I was then called in to my appointment so Carol and Ray waited for me.

As we left the bank, and as Ray did not get his Service Desk attention or treat, we thought that we would take him to see his friends at Lululemon. Again, we had very happy Ray bouncing along with of us but, as we turned into Lululemon’s door, I noticed that the dog biscuit bowl was empty! Ray pulled us around to where the bowl was, but then looked a little perplexed.

One of the staff (who was busy on the checkout) turned and said “Hi!” to Ray, who just sat and stared at the staff and then at the bowl. I mentioned that there were no biscuits in the bowl.

A few moments later, a guy came briskly towards us with a hand full of biscuits and dropped them in the bowl. He turned towards Ray and said (with a big smile) “Is this Ray?” We said yes it was, and he immediately turned to the lady on checkout and said “This is Ray!” He then explained how much they loved his Christmas Card*, which they still had, and how it had brought an emotional response from a number of staff members.

I explained that his book could well be available in March, and he offered to promote it for us in the store. All went well and while he was talking to us, he was bending over Ray and stroking him. Everything was very relaxed until Ray decided that it was time for another biscuit. He lunged and barked, which surprised all of us! Ray was in disgrace at that point!

(Thinking back over Ray’s day. His friend on the Service Desk at the bank had not been there. I abandoned him when I went to my appointment. The Lululemon biscuit bowl was empty when he arrived there. Things had really not gone “according to plan” for him. Trigger stacking perhaps?)

Fortunately, the guy also had a “rescue dog” and appeared to totally understand the circumstances. Having been on the “receiving end” of Ray’s lunge and bark routine a few times myself, I have to acknowledge that it can be quite a daunting experience.

All’s well that ends well and Ray caused no problems on his way home. He was happy because he did get some biscuits, and I was happy that the Lululemon staff both recognized Ray and enjoyed his visit, and of course that they offered to promote his book.

An end to another lovely day!

*See “Ray’s Christmas Cards” – December 20, 2015

**See “The Look” – January 5, 2016

23 thoughts on “A minor setback!

  1. I guess even dogs can have a bad day. And as you suggest there are triggers. I routinely take Kali to the big box hardware store in town and she is always well behaved and respectful of merchandise as well as the people she encounters. Last week thought she went “bonkers” when a fork lift started beeping that high pitched warning sound and I could hardly constrain her. For only 55 pounds she is quite strong and she uncharacteristically ignored all my commands and efforts to gain her attention. We finally checked out and it took her a few minutes to recover.

    I’ve taken Kali to a number of stores in town but few in our area have treats readily available for their canine visitors. Reading your blogs over the months I get a wonderful picture of a small dog loving community. Good for you and Ray!

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    • Hi Michael. Those equipment alarms can be a problem! Ray had all four feet off the ground at the same time once when an air valve “went off” as a truck passed very close to us! Such is our world!
      There are quite a few stores here which will allow dogs inside, which is probably a very smart business move given the amount of dogs that appear to live around here! Sadly, the Town of Oakville is not so cooperative as Carol and Ray were asked to leave a library lobby yesterday!


  2. I can’t believe dogs are allowed in your banks! It would definitely not happen here, unless a service dog.
    Ray behaves extremely well most of the time. There are always going to be a few lapses, given his past, as I know from experience with my own Little Monkey.

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