Bravo Ray!

This past Sunday we had a glorious sunny day with temperatures around +10C… generally unheard of here at the end of February! We decided to take advantage of it and drive down to Bronte (a small village within Oakville’s boundaries).

Once there, our primary goal was to find a particular cake shop which was selling cupcakes as a fund raiser for Ray’s Humane Society. After that (and after Carol and I had devoured a cupcake each), we took Ray on a walk alongside Bronte Harbor and through some park areas in that vicinity.

One thing that was immediately obvious was the number of people out just enjoying the day. The other thing was the number of dogs being taken out for walks! Ray was introduced to so many in such a short time period, ranging from “little squeaky toy” dogs, through to dogs his size and larger. He was really good and stayed very calm when a little dog grabbed his nose with its paws. He was also very good when a four month old Saint Bernard (a little smaller than Ray, but probably a little heavier!) showed an interest in saying “Hi!”

As we were heading back home, I had to reflect that Ray reacted so well at all his “meetings” that no dog could have behaved better than him. Most of them were equally social, but there were a few that were badly behaved/anti-social. On a couple of occasions, an apparently social dog turned into a rather nasty snarling dog when it got close but Ray, (just got to love him) just turned his head (“Do I still get my treat?”) and ignored the other dog.

Considering his background? We’re proud of you buddy!

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    • Having lived through two extremely challenging teens….. absolutely. One just has to stay positive; be prepared to ask questions; listen to the answers, and be patient. Ray, just like so many people, just needed to feel loved, respected and cared for. The end result is beyond valuation! 🙂

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      • My kids are now 12 and 10. My health troubles have traumatised them at times and then there’s just the usual stuff growing up, which seems to involve a lot of emotional ups and downs unless you’re made of stone. I think I’m actually better suited to this time in their lives and hopefully can help them through it I still remember what it was like for me…the good, the bad, the pimples and being dumped. Ouch! Do they really have to go through all of that?!!

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        • They probably don’t really have to go through all that… but they probably will. It is also worth contemplating the world that they will be trying to identify with vs the world when you were in your teens. In my teens, we never heard too much about drug abuse in our area; sexual abuse; physical abuse. When my two were going through their teens, those aspects were quite common, and our family was impacted by everyone of them! All I can offer is the philosophy which says that you should “separate the child from the deed”. In other words, you may not love what they do, but you can still love them for who they are. So many parents cease to show love simply because of their child’s bad choices. I have made some questionable choices, and I can guarantee that you have also. We cannot expect our children to be much different can we! All the best! 🙂


  1. Well done Ray, fantastic work yous have all done to get to this point 🙂 I’ve had some lead reactivity issues with Bonnie recently but she’s been doing much better on a flexi lead as she feels more confident in her choice to move away when uncomfortable instead of reacting.

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    • Hi Laura – It’s been a lot of work both for me and my Mom and Dad, but once I realized that not everybody (or every dog) was out there to get me (in fact if I was polite and sociable I would get treats!!!!)… then my world became a far less stressful place. A big “Woof” to Bonnie. WOOF! Ray.

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  2. This reminded me of my former neighbor’s Pyrenees mountain puppy. Much like a St. Bernard. At 6 months it could knock me over with his puppy eagerness so I can imagine how great Ray was when his nose with grabbed. You have done wonders with this dog. You deserve a treat for that.

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  3. I would be too. Maggie is normally sociable, but sometimes a puppy can be too quick or she is surprised from her blind side, so The Elvis makes itself apparent and if not ‘cancelled’, she gets put on the naughty step.

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