Snow Surprises!

At last, it feels a little more like a Canadian winter! We had a significant snow fall just recently and watching Ray out in the back garden was like watching a child exploring snow for the first time.

He, true to form, only wanted to play for a short while and satisfied that need with a few Frisbee fetches. After that, he found a really interesting scent under the snow and tracked it all over the garden (with no obvious conclusion!).


Hi Guys – This is Ray. This Post was my idea as Noodle, and a number of other canine “blog buddies”, have no idea what snow is about. Now’s the time to listen-up and focus (yes I know that can be difficult depending on what else is going on in your home … but at least try).

First of all, snow is really fun stuff ‘cos you can jump in it; bite it; run through it; sit in it, and it doesn’t hurt! If you get a chance to run back into your home without getting your paws wiped, then you leave footprints all over the place. So cool!

What’s really good though, is all the stuff that is hidden beneath it! As you know, our noses can track down anything remotely edible and, as human noses are kind of close to useless, my Mom and Dad have no idea and therefore do not keep giving me that “leave it!” speech. Playing around in our garden, the scents are usually of creatures that have passed through but, when out on my walks, it gets really exciting because you just never know what is awaiting my inquisitive tongue (probably quickly followed by my teeth!).

Imagine being outside, and knowing that so many “presents” are just waiting for you under the snow! I love my snowy walks, although it seems to be a little more stressful for Mom and Dad. Humans… go figure! Woof! Ray.

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  1. Hi Ray…Sam here. Welcome to blogging, buddy. I agree with you, scents in fresh snow are the absolute best and seem to be quite enhanced. We haven’t had much snow in Colorado (except while we we’re in California) so I’m keeping my paws crossed we get some soon so I can go on interesting scent trails. Keep sniffing! Woof. Your friend, Sam. 🐾

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  2. hello ray its dennis the vizsla dog hay my sister trixie always yoozed to extol the virtchyoos of snow but my brother tucker not so mutch!!! i do not no if i wil ever see it myself so i just kannot deeside if it is gud stuf or bad stuf!!! ok bye

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  3. I love snow, maybe because we get so little here in Tennessee. None so far this year, but the “Big Snow of ’93” happened this week, so there is still hope. I hear everything was shut down for a good week or more, with ;power out, water unavailable to many houses, kids gathering at the houses that had some heat, water and food. Mom had a blast with all the kids coming over and made a huge pot of ham and potato soup. She says she sent containers of water home with them for their folks. So yes, snow is fun!

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  4. Hi Ray! Puppydoc has been really bad at keeping up with the blogosphere stuff lately…but I just wanted to say hi! It sounds like you had a pretty awesome time in the snow…that makes Puppy envious because there is no snow where she lives. *sniffle* But I agree…the white, fluffy coldness is indeed very fun to play in. Stay warm! And give your humans a lick from Puppy and Samantha! 😀

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  5. Hi Ray, I was not impressed with my first encounter with the white stuff. I’d been looking forward to chasing the squirrel up the tree as usual on a Sunday, and that morning the grass had all turned white! It was cold on my feet (luckily just my feet and I was glad I wasn’t a dachshund or of the Toy variety) and soaked into my fur. Once I got used to it, it wasn’t bad, but I put it on a bit when I went back indoors about being cold, so they moved my basket in front of the fire! 🙂 Love Maggie.

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