The important toast!

Yesterday morning was interesting (with the whole “routines business” in mind – per earlier Posts).

Today I gave Ray his breakfast and his rutabaga and it was Carol’s intention to then take him outside. I had my toast all ready to eat so Ray, not surprisingly perceived a possible problem. He might miss out on my toast!

Carol did coax him outside and, as I watched from inside, I saw him charge around to one of his regular “pee spots”, performed a high speed pee, and then he charged back and up onto the back porch. As soon as I opened the back door (with the intention of going outside in order to coax him back into the garden), Ray forced his way inside.

He clearly needed to go outside but, at that moment, his preference was to sit on the floor and stare at me. Carol and I (me holding my toast) both decided to go outside and, not surprisingly,Β  Ray was close behind . We tried to coax him through his garden routine “C’mon Ray! Go poop buddy!” but it was to no avail. He was staying close to me (my toast!) on our back porch.

Desperate measures were called for so I ate the piece of toast that I had with me and showed him the empty hands / no more / all gone signal, followed by “Go poop buddy!” I then went inside and watched out of our back window. He again went charging and leaping around the garden, possibly to “loosen things up back there” and then disappeared behind our shed… his usual poop spot.

Within a few moments, I saw Carol heading there with bag in hand, and Ray dashing back to the house and up to the front door. I could imagine him thinking that he may have missed out on one piece of toast, but there should still be another one waiting for him! As soon as he had settled down, I gave him two small pieces of my last piece of toast. He was, once again, a happy (and rather exhausted) boy!


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