Clementines and wood floors!

Ray has always loved fruit (there are a number of apple stories in his book), and we know that he likes clementines! He has always “hovered around” when I start peeling one, and has very graciously accepted any pieces offered to him.

I have, on occasions, been in the kitchen peeling a clementine and noticed Ray in our living room on his favourite chair; his body fitting in there rather snugly, and his head resting on one of the chair arms. He is interesting when in that position because although his head rarely moves, his eyes don’t miss anything. Walk passed him, and you can see his eyes following you! When I see him in that position, and when I have a clementine, I usually make a gesture of “come if you want a piece”, and invariably he gets down and comes to join me in the kitchen.

Yesterday was a little unusual. Carol was having one in the kitchen and I thought “What a good idea!” so I helped myself to one and started peeling it. Ray seemed a little indecisive in that he was wandering around trying to stay in touch with both Carol and I.

I don’t think that we have ever discussed how each of us feels about sharing various things with Ray but, as he is so patient and well behaved around us, I have no issue with sharing.

I guess he had started to think about a piece of clementine as soon as Carol started peeling hers, but she was not thinking about Ray in the same context. When I started peeling mine, he was clearly drooling and it was very watery! By the time I had finished peeling mine, there was a small pool of “water” on the floor, so I thought that I should give him a segment which he devoured. As I was getting down to the last few pieces, I gave him another segment and then he got the “all gone – no more” hand signal.

It was then that I really looked at the floor! There was quite the pool there which needed cleaning up. Fortunately, we have hardwood flooring so it was readily visible, but liquids and hardwood floors are better kept apart from each other. Due entirely to Ray, I ripped off some kitchen roll and wiped all around where he had been standing!

Perhaps we should develop a plan where we eat something which Ray really likes, in different parts of our kitchen every day. By the end of the week, our whole floor will have been wiped clean! Cool plan eh!


29 thoughts on “Clementines and wood floors!

  1. haha that’s a cool plan for sure. Whole time I read your post I could see Ray do all these actions in my head. Just can’t tell how happy I felt. It’s morning here and I am gonna think about Ray and his love for fruits all day. My papa feeds mangoes to my Alex when it’s season and she loves them crazy even if she shouldn’t. Got anything on that? Like which fruits dogs should eat and which not?

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    • Hi Hemangini – If you Google “dogs and fruit”, you will get all sorts of feedback on good and bad fruits. Always remember to wash any fruit thoroughly because they have almost certainly been sprayed with a chemical. 🙂

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  2. Healthy diet as it includes fruit! Maggie loves tinned pineapple, but Barney was one for grapes (which I’ve since read aren’t good for dogs) and strawberries! My parents dog of old loved walnuts. You could leave toffees, biscuits, sweets or anything else on the table at nose height and he’d leave them alone, but once he got the whiff of a walnut? Mum was finding the shells everywhere!

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