A Precious “Boy”!

This is going to be a short Post simply because I want to relate an event that was rather short… albeit memorable!

Our day was going very predictably. I was sitting on the edge of my bed and working on my laptop. Ray’s breakfast routine was completed to his satisfaction so all was well in the world.

From where I was sitting, I could see that Ray had settled into our leather chair which, again, was a regular part of his “apres-breakfast” routine. I could also see that, as relaxed as he appeared to be, his eyes were wide open and he seemed to be watching me.

I carried on, working through blog Posts and Comments, and looked up again a few minutes later. He had not only stayed in the same position, but he was also still looking at me! I looked at him for a few moments wondering what to do (if anything), and then I decided.

I moved away from my laptop and beckoned (hand signalled) Ray over. He just looked and did not move, so I beckoned him again.

He slowly got off the chair and walked over to me, so I gave him the “car wash treatment”. That is, I stand with legs apart and Ray slowly goes between them while I scratch and massage his body from his head to his hind quarters. Once he was through, I sat down on the edge of my bed and watched him turn around and come back to me. He then gave me a very gentle nudge on my face with his nose; one big lick, and then he walked back to his chair.

I looked at him a few minutes later and he was curled up and his eyes were closed. He is such a precious “boy”!


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