A Ray Collision!

Yesterday’s Post “The Rabbit” introduced the concern that an accelerating Ray on a leash is a potential hazard for unsuspecting arms and shoulders!

We were just recently walking back from a shopping trip and Carol had the leash, while I was carrying the shopping bags. Our most direct route home is via a sidewalk that runs along one side of our local park. This park includes two baseball diamonds, and so Ray will some times find a baseball in the grass.

On this occasion, Carol saw the baseball before Ray and drew his attention to it, but he did not seem too excited. She then kicked it onto the sidewalk and I can only assume that a moving ball is much more fun than a stationary on! He pounced on it and proceeded to cavort around like an overgrown puppy as we made our way home. He would throw it around periodically; pounce on it again, and all was well.

All was not well however when he went around Carol as he played with his ball. She suddenly realized that she was getting wrapped up in his leash and started to quickly turn in order to rectify the situation. I am not totally sure what happened next as it was over very quickly, but it would appear that Ray ran out of leash while Carol was turning.

She lost her balance and started falling, at about the same time as Ray reacted to having been stopped by his leash. As I saw her falling, I also saw Ray heading in her direction and jumping around. They collided, and she fell on the grass and across her arm. I can only imagine the sensation of being hit by an airborne 78lbs dog!

I was able to get the leash and pull Ray away so that she could get up without any further interference, but it was clearly quite a shock for her. We were at a medical center yesterday in order to have the damage assessed but, apart from some bruising and swelling, it would appear that all is well, but I don’t think that her right arm and shoulder are going to be attached to Ray for a while!



23 thoughts on “A Ray Collision!

  1. Drats, that was a bad fall and I’m sure glad Carol has no broken bones. Things such as that happen so now you both know how to prevent that from happening again.

    As an aside I’ve been knocked down twice in my gravel driveway and once in my house by my 89 pound male lab, Muddy. He was too rambunctious and hit me at the back of my knee which caused me to go face first two times and once to my knees. I am careful now to keep a stick in my hand when he is bouncing around. He was younger then and full of pep.

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  2. Ouch, I can feel the pain! Glad there was only bruising and swelling and nothing more serious. This would be why we have always had little dogs 🙂 I love big dogs I do, but being under 5 ft tall they tend to take me for a walk instead. 🙂

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  3. Glad to hear everything was alright! Choppy has accidentally taken me out a few times – once was in nearly the same manner with the leash (though no ball was involved). The other times, weather played a role – ice and dog walks do not always make good company for the human companion!

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  4. We had a Golden Retriever mix years ago that took me to the ground a few times while on leash. He was too strong for my kids to handle, and could spin me around chasing the multitude of wildlife in the woods of So. Carolina ! ☺ The guilt on his face after….always amazing.

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