Supervisor Ray.

This past weekend, being an extended holiday weekend, was typically when gardens are cleaned up after the winter onslaught. We were no different and spent virtually all Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, cleaning up and re-arranging plants.

Ray, true to form, decided to find a good place to supervise from!


That particular spot is quite popular. If you notice, just above the black area on his back, thereΒ  is a hole in the fence. That is where Micky (aka McKenzie, a Scottie who lives next door) puts his nose through when he wants to say Hi to Ray!

As many of you will notice , he is again in his aristocratic “front legs crossed” position!


26 thoughts on “Supervisor Ray.

  1. Great picture! He definitely looks alert in making you all are working hard and not goofing off πŸ™‚ Seems funny to read that it was a holiday week-end. I was like, Wait a minute, the holiday week-end is this coming week-end!! OOPs that is right, you are from Canada! KInda forget that different bloggers can be so far way. We are hoping to go on a little boat cruise this week-end if it stays nice!

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