Guide Dogs Event.

We have a Canada Dog Guides building just around the corner where they train service dogs for all kinds of duties. They have a fund-raising walk every year and, as all the dogs (and most of the humans) are well behaved,  Ray participates extremely well.

It was a particularly hot and humid day for it this year (Yesterday 29th) and, based on Ray’s body language we decided to cut it short.  Ray has never been a high energy dog and we do not know whether there is some residual internal damage from his heart-worm episode, or whether it was simply the weather being a little oppressive. We were not prepared to force the issue and, instead, headed back to the Dog Guides Building where we enjoyed complimentary burgers under the shade of a tree!


Of course Ray was not eligible for a burger… but he did quite well (if you know what I mean!)

Later that day, when things had cooled down a little, we took Ray out again and as soon as we started on our walk, he navigated his way to where the BBQ was! He seemed rather confused and distinctly disappointed that it had all somehow disappeared!

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  1. It has been terribly hot here as well. We went from a little bit of Spring to intense Summer! Glad Ray was so well behaved, but poor guy in finding his way to the BBQ and it being gone. Someone deserved a treat! 🙂

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