Another burger perhaps?

I could not resist including this pic of me and my buddy Ray!


In yesterday’s picture, he was rather distracted by the BBQ area which was about 15-20 feet away. Here (above), I would like to believe that I was getting some attention, but he could have been looking past me at a young boy who had just sat down on the other side of the tree trunk with a burger in his hand!


In this final picture he is, without any doubt whatsoever, focused on a burger held by little hands. All he would have needed was a slight hand movement in his direction, and he would have seen it as an offer and devoured it instantly (the power of positive thinking!). Fortunately, for everybody, I was on the other end of his leash just in case!

Interestingly the little boy, when sitting down, was significantly smaller than Ray who stood and watched and hoped. Ray however did not intimidate him in any way. The boy just ignored him!


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