Change of diet!

You are probably drawing the obvious conclusion that we have made some changes to Ray’s diet? Well … yes… and no!

We get through quite a bit of fruit here on a regular basis but, every now and then, the bananas are ripening faster than we would like. The solution, which is always welcomed, is banana bread! Carol seems to enjoy making it, and I certainly enjoy eating it!

Carol’s banana bread recipe has, however, recently undergone a transition. While it is still moist and very tasty, the raisins and chocolate bits are noticeable by their absence. The rationale was very simple. Raisins and chocolate are both potentially serious problems for dogs and so, with Ray specifically in mind, our banana bread is now dog friendly!

To be totally honest, I take great pleasure in sharing tid-bits of my food with Ray. He always comes and sits in front of me; big brown eyes switching between eye contact with me… and with the food. If he suspects that he is being ignored, he puts a large paw on my leg. I think that he is just making sure he has my attention. Eating pretty much anything is therefore quite entertaining as Ray pools all his resources in order to get a piece of whatever is being eaten.

The issue I do have however, is that Ray has never once offered me any of his food! Of course there is very little that he eats that appeals to me but once, just once, it would be nice if he dropped a piece of rutabaga (e.g.) in my lap. It would be a lovely gesture!

So how do I come to terms with the fact that our banana bread has lost two significant ingredients? Actually, it is quite easy! With the earlier recipe I had to make sure that, if I gave him a piece, it did not have a raisin or piece of chocolate in it. With the revised recipe it doesn’t matter and so sharing with Ray is so much easier.

Having just reviewed this Post, I have to commend Ray for his involvement here. He has trained us so incredibly well hasn’t he!

21 thoughts on “Change of diet!

  1. A lucky dog indeed. I bet Carol’s recipe is really good too. It doesn’t need raisins or chocolate to make it delicious. I’ve only known to add nuts, pecans in fact. I suppose that is a Texas or southern thing. Not sure.

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  2. The thing I have noticed with dogs is that sharing is always a one-way street. We share our food with them, but they do not share their food with us. Learning to accept that is part of our training!

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    • He has really surprised us (perhaps we surprised ourselves) because he has always hovered around 34/35Kg (75-78lbs). The only thing we do is give him long walks and allow him to sniff his way around (apparently that ultra sensitive nose is quite demanding on his energy supplies!). He has two scheduled meals a day, both of which are often adjusted in volume depending his projected day. If he is likely to get loads of treats, then we cut back on his meals. Also, a lot of training or other treats are fruit.

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        • That is difficult. It is also worth noting that dogs don’t really seem to care how big or small a treat is, so if it is a “less than ideal” treat, then just a tiny square will be just as appreciated as a big chunk! Of course the alternative is to risk more complex health issues a Genis gets older…. perhaps his Dad will listen to that logic?

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  3. LOL! I would say he has you both trained very well! We love Banana Bread here as well, but raisins in it, no Thank you! 😉 There is some on the counter now, turned out better than the last loaf. Last loaf was a little crispy, OK a LOT! Its what happens when a certain teenager does not smell the smoke coming out of the oven and think ,”Gee, maybe the bread is done!” HA! OH and if you ever do try some of Ray’s dog food, I think that would make a great post! It would spread the smiles and that’s important, right 🙂

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