Powered by Rutabaga!

Carol has been feeling “out of it” for the past few days and has spent much time curled up in bed. I have therefore jumped in where necessary and taken on any “Ray routines” that Carol usually took care of.

The other morning, I gave him his breakfast and was preparing some rutabaga for him when Carol mentioned that he generally goes outside to “P & P” before she gives him his breakfast! 

I cannot decide whether it is good to keep his routines (probably his preference), or whether to deliberately change them around so that he is not predicting things so much. I currently argue myself in circles with that one however, in this particular situation, I decided to take him outside before giving him his rutabaga.

He went out into the garden and, rather reluctantly, found a suitable pee spot. Once he had finished, I tried to coax him over to where he generally poops… but to no avail. He eventually dashed back to the back door and, as soon as it was opened, charged into the kitchen and it was quite clear that he wanted his rutabaga.

No amount of coaxing was going to get him outside but, as he had 4 pieces of rutabaga in full view and waiting for him, I decided to give him 2 of them.

Once those had been devoured, he just sat and stared at the other 2 pieces (which were out of his normal reach but clearly visible to him). “Got to poop buddy” didn’t seem to have much impact so I picked up the other 2 pieces and Ray edged forward a little in obvious anticipation. I then put them down again and went towards the back door with “C’mon Ray. Poop!”

I have never seen him so enthusiastic about going outside to poop after which, of course, he received the rest of his rutabaga!

That “boy” catches on really fast. Powered by rutabaga!


27 thoughts on “Powered by Rutabaga!

    • It would be wonderful if people were more thoughtful before they adopted one; If they made the decision having thought it through carefully, rather than in an emotional moment; If they contemplated what that “cute puppy” is going to grow into; If they considered the dog’s potential characteristics based on its breed(s); If they considered whether their lifestyle was appropriate for the dog; If they accepted that bringing a dog into their life is not much different from adopting a 3yr old child.
      All those aspects are touched on in my book “Who said I was up for adoption?”, and I really hope that it helps some people make more responsible decisions.

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  1. I was laughing at this before I even got to the 3rd paragraph. Your “P&P”, made me wonder if that was standing for something else besides the obvious 🙂 As one who works with 1 and 2 year olds, poop and pee are frequently used words! NO, would probably be the 3rd most frequent one 🙂 Ray proved smart again, I am not surprised! Hope Carol gets to feeling better soon.

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