June 28 Update

I was able to visit Carol yesterday evening and she was clearly feeling a little better. Her big news was that she touched the “grab rail” on the side of her bed and realized that she could feel the texture of the rail surface! Clearly she has a long way to go… but she is “going”, and in the right direction! Apparently tentative plans are being made to move her from her current location to a rehab area which, again, clearly suggests that the staff belief she is progressing well.

I will not be able to visit her today, but then Ray really needs some special attention. Speaking of Ray…….

He has been very good and, not unexpectedly, a lot more “clingy” than usual. Whereas he has often curled up somewhere on my bed while I am sitting on the edge working on my laptop, he just started curling up right behind me and with his nose pushed up against me.

He was in this position, and presumably asleep, when I needed to get up and start preparations for lunch. I got up gently so as not to disturb him and went to the kitchen. I was in there probably for about 2 minutes when I heard him yelp…. heard 75lbs of clumsiness hit the floor… and saw Ray come charging into the kitchen whereupon he stopped and just looked at me!

My interpretation covered a number of options:

  • There was a cat outside.
  • He realized that he might be missing out on something tasty.
  • He woke up and thought he had been abandoned.

All things being considered, I decided that the last one was a strong possibility and decided that separation anxiety training was not a good idea at that time. Hopefully today will be more productive in that area.


19 thoughts on “June 28 Update

  1. Glad to hear that Carol is progressing! Will continue praying for her to be able to keep moving forward step by step. Awww on Ray!! Dogs are such caring and loving animals!Enjoy spending time with him today! Will be good for both of you.

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  2. I think you may be right about the last option Colin. Whilst you don’t want to go overboard with the extra attention which could be counter productive, with Carol so poorly, you are the big IT in Ray’s world right now.
    Glad to hear some positive news about Carol. Best wishes to you all.

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  3. #3. We are having a heat spell here in California and Yule has been going to the back bedroom where it is cool to sleep. Every so often he comes running out to the family room, sees that I am there and just heads back to the bedroom. The summer heat seems to make him more anxious. Good news with Carol and hope the rehab place is close by so you will be able to continue to visit. Perhaps the rehab place will be less lenient and allow Ray to come visit.

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