A Ray Distraction!

During these troubled times distractions can be a good thing, and I am assuming that Ray is no different from the rest of us in that area.

Playing Fetch with Ray is an exercise in frustration, humility and just plain embarrassment if anybody is watching. Full details are in his book! The other morning, however, I guess I must have hit the right mixture of timing and excitement, or perhaps Ray really had nothing better to do, but regardless of the explanation, he cooperated!


I am so glad that I had my camera with me, although pointing the camera; throwing the frisbee; finding Ray periodically, and finding his treats… did present some challenges!


20 thoughts on “A Ray Distraction!

  1. It looks fenced in securely which is a plus. We have a big yard too with a similar fence. Our dog Sammy is a Pound Puppy and when we brought him home he ran several circles around the house & garage. He was free at last. Did the “Adoption agency” do inspect your property to see if he had a securely fenced in yard & doghouse?
    Best wishes to “Mum” & Carol.

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    • Hi Carol: The Oakville & Milton Humane Society were very thorough and I am aware of a number of adoption requests that were denied due to some incompatibility (e.g. Husky pup to young couple in hi-Rise apt). They even had reservations about us adopting Ray. They felt that, as it would be my first dog, they could come up with a more suitable one than Ray. Obviously I won! (The story is in his book). One of their trainers dropped by about 3 weeks after we had adopted Ray to ensure that all was well!

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