Pizza Surprise!

Carol is steadily, but slowly, making progress and is now establishing a little independence. Certain personal functions can now be done without any assistance and she is expecting to be moved to a re-hab area either today or tomorrow.

Ray’s life is still much of a problem for him, not having his Mom around. He is slowly allowing me to walk him further away from home, but then I think he realizes where he is and quickly turns around to lead me back so he can just check to see if Carol is there. Some of you will know (from past posts and his book*) that Lululemon is one of his favorite places to go, but even trying to tempt him with Lululemon is insufficient to get him further afield at this time!

Life around the home is rather demanding because of the attention Ray needs; the ongoing attention the house needs; the demands of the garden in this unusually hot and dry spell of weather; planning shopping around Heather’s commitments (because she is the only “sitter” that Ray is comfortable with); working on Ray’s separation anxiety…. and I won’t “touch” the time required on the internet to stay up to date with emails; advising friends of Carol’s status, and of course maintaining some level of activity on this Blog. Now the phone has just started ringing! Sometime today, I have to get a couple of walks in for Ray… and I have to shower etc., and allow 2-3 hours this evening for visiting Carol. I almost forgot, I also have some book promoting to do!

Imagine my surprise the other evening at around 8:30pm. I was sitting on our front porch, and Ray was laying on the floor near me, when I saw our neighbor’s son (who works at Fantastico Pizza)  coming in my direction with a pizza box. As he gave it to me, I expressed my delight and asked how much I owed him for it. He said nothing as it was “on the store”!

Fantastico Pizza is a father/son business and they are great supporters of the humane society and love anything to do with giving dogs another chance at a good life. They fell in love with Ray as soon as they met him, and he fell in love with their pepperoni slices*.

As I had dinner earlier, I took the box into the kitchen to let it cool down before I put it into the fridge, but decided to open it and have just one slice. When I opened the box, not only was it my “regular” pizza (we would generally order every 2-3weeks), but there were some pepperoni slices for Ray! What a wonderful thought, and a lovely ending to a day!


26 thoughts on “Pizza Surprise!

  1. I haven’t caught up with all your posts yet, Colin, but just wanted to say best wishes for Carol’s quick recovery and to you and Ray for holding the fort back home 🙂 and bless the pizza guys for their thoughtful pepperoni treats!

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  2. Wow – how cool is that. One the other hand totally understandable considering all you do for the humane society and your community. It’s great when there are real life examples of “what goes around comes around”. I continue to send good vibes and prayers up north towards you, Carol, and Ray. Hang in there!

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  3. So glad to read about Carol making steady progress! I am sure you both would love to speed things up in getting back to normalcy again,but sometimes its just 1 breath at a time til you get there! Sounds like you are doing great with Ray and with everything else that needs done. Wonderful about the pizza! Remember to take some time for yourself and continue to hang in there! Plus you never know there may be a surprise coming in the mail as well! Keep Smiling! Prayers continue.

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