Lulu and Carol!

This is a real good news Post!

Carol has progressed where she can now walk unaided, although she needs someone with her just in case she gets unsteady and needs some support. Her doctor is suggesting that she could be coming home tomorrow, but has to consult with other staff first. Hopefully we shall know this afternoon!

Ray has been limiting his walks, seemingly because he wants to get back home as soon as possible just in case Carol is there. This means that I have had to take him out at least twice day which, with our current weather, has dictated early morning and late evening walks.

Yesterday however, he decided that he wanted to visit Lululemon! He was on his feet for around 1-1/2 hours which made me very happy! He needs his exercise!


Last night I took him out around 10:30pm for his final pee and, given that he hadn’t pooped all evening, was rather hoping for that as well… but nothing! He peed and ran inside so that he could have his collar removed, and given his last biscuit of the day (such is his evening ritual)!

With a certain amount of trepidation (he should have pooped), I turned all the lights off and went to bed only to have a damp nose pushed against my face about 15 minutes later. The “What’s up Buddy? Show me!” routine produced nothing except a motionless Ray staring at me. I got dressed and put his collar back on; leashed him, and took him outside as he probably needed to poop. He peed, and then lay down on the grass and looked at me.

It should be understood that we are in peak mosquito season, and those “little guys” not only love hot and humid nights; not only do they have an incredible system of homing in on warm humans, but my body does not react well to mosquito bites. Needless to say Ray was not laying down for too long as I needed to be back inside!

I turned the lights off yet again and went to sleep. I woke up just before 12:30am to the sound of our bell which hangs on the inside of our back door, and which Ray uses when he needs to go outside. I got dressed and put his collar back on; leashed him, and took him outside as he probably did need to poop this time. He peed, and then lay down on the grass and once again just looked at me.

After a few moments, and seeing lots of mosquitoes probably planning on having me on their menu, we were back inside. I turned the lights off once more and went to sleep. This time it was uneventful! Ray started moving around 7:00am when going outside was part of his normal morning routine. I was so pleased, and not surprised, that he peed and pooped without any problems!

So what was all the attention for during the night? I have no idea! 🙂

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  1. That is wonderful news about Carol. Sure hope she will be coming home very soon. I am anxious to know Ray’s reaction when he sees her. Maybe he was hoping for Carol to be inside each time you had to take him out

    My dogs have on occasion turned me into a jack-in-the-box at night. Mosquitoes are not much of a problem here but it aggravates me when they want to go outside multiple times after I have gone to bed. They have been much better of late after I changed their feeding schedule to earlier in the day and no treats after 6pm.

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  2. Great news about Carol’s continued progress! Ray may have been a little constipated but since all was well again this morning he will hopefully be back to normal. I would not give him any fruit as this can cause digestive problems.

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    • Interesting comment re fruit. He only gets apples (1/3 of one organic and pre-seeded – perhaps 2 times a week) and bananas (two pieces about 1/2″ long each perhaps 2 times a week)… both of which I believe are very good for dogs. Given the amount he has compared to his size, I would not expect an issue.

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  3. Brilliant news about Carol Colin.
    As for Ray’s poop, has he been eating normally? Maggie usually does the deed as many as four times a day, but it depends on how much she’s eaten. If we visit MOH or my Mum, she doesn’t eat much at all, so the following day is ‘less giving’. Obviously there’s plenty of water down for him, so it’s not a dehydration issue. As his business was normal today, ,maybe it was just the heat? He’ll be thrilled to bits when Carol comes home!

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    • Ray typically poops twice a day but every now and then his “cycle” drifts a little. His eating has not changed in that where heavy treats are expected, his meals are reduced accordingly. We still shared an apple on most days, so the only potential for change (other than stress of the circumstances or heat) would be if he grabbed something when out on a walk. Even that is quite difficult for him to do because he is always leashed, and I am always looking just ahead of him for anything suspicious! 🙂

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