July 10 Update

Carol is still progressing slowly however, she has developed a sore throat. Under normal circumstances this would not be an issue however, that is exactly how this whole business started so she is taking it easy! The other day she managed a 2-block walk with her walking frame thingy in front (official name unknown), and her physical support as necessary at her side (official name Ray)!  In hindsight, two blocks may have been a bit ambitious so we all agreed to scale back her activities.

Ray is performing almost precisely as expected. He is not going to let her get away again if he can prevent it, and is constantly in sight of her, and usually within reach. The “almost” was very deliberate because as attached as he is to Carol, he is still more attached to food!

Yesterday I was trying everything I know to get him out of our living room where Carol was resting. It was an exercise in total futility. At around dinnertime however, one shake of his food container and Carol was furthest from his mind! The only other reasons that he will leave her are if he has to go (REALLY, REALLY has to go) out to the garden for some basic bodily functions.

Under these circumstances, and with our hot and humid weather, he is certainly not getting the exercise that we would like… but he does seem very content in his guard/protect role. Fortunately, our back garden is heavily shadowed by a very old Maple tree and so, while I am writing this, Carol and Ray are chilling out in the back garden! Must be nice!

Given all the activities in the trees and around the garden in general, Ray is consistently preoccupied mentally so perhaps he can accommodate a lack of walks at least in the short term.

This evening I am going to to see of he will follow me on a walk simply by knowing that I have some turkey on me! More news tomorrow!


30 thoughts on “July 10 Update

  1. I’m really sorry to hear about Carol but I’m glad she’s home and on the mend, hope she takes it easy and is feeling back to her usual self soon. I’m sure with you and Ray by her side she’ll be fighting fit in no time 🙂

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  2. I am very glad to hear Carol is progressing nicely, and you are quite right to keep an eye on the sore throat!!! I love hearing about how Ray takes his job of guarding mom very, very, seriously. You must realize how special you both are to him (as well as him to you). If it is very hot, don’t worry about the walk too much; maybe just once in the evening when it cools down will be enough. Best wishes from Liz and Woof! from Maggie

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  3. All dogs are similar yet different too. Even dogs of the same breed. Out Shia Tzu Maggie (we lost her last year) had “human not feeling well dog radar”. She could sense an illness and planted herself next to the ailing person for the duration. Molly (also since passed) and Annie, the most wonderful Malshi on the planet, never exhibited similar behavior. Ray is indeed a special dude.

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    • Ray’s swimming ability is an unknown, and we cannot test him without his leash (local By-Law). He does have a “long leash”, but I am concerned that if he panicked (a real possibility based on other experiences), and he either caught his feet in his leash, or his leash snagged on a rock, the end result would not be good. For all the benefits of living here, and there are many, having an empty sandy beach leading into a loch like you guys is not one of them! We do have a large children’s pool which we fill up with water periodically… but we have to throw food in it to get him in! Once Carol becomes more mobile, we can take him down to the lake where he will walk with the water almost touching his stomach, but that is not a possibility at this point.

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