Ray’s Perspective (see previous Post)

For those of you who don’t know  me very well, my full name is Ray Anatolian Chappell and I am a very smart, manipulative and loving German Shepherd / Rottweiler. Weighing in at just under 80lbs, I carry some weight around here (Get it? Carry some weight? Woof!).

Anyway, the other day started off as just another really hot and sticky day. I would have stayed inside in the cool but my Mom was out somewhere; my Dad decided to do some work outside in the garden, and I was not going to lose touch with both of them so I followed him out and settled down on the back porch floor.  It’s a little sheltered there, and is near the BBQ so there are lots of food smells. It wasn’t long before I started to nap.

Now you have to understand that when my Dad naps, the only thing that will wake him is if I butt him with my nose. Anything less than that is a total waste of time however, when I nap, all my senses stay in alert mode… you just never know when treats may become available!

So I was curled up enjoying an afternoon nap when I heard a little scratchy noise and, at about the same time, my nose was focusing on an animal scent. SQUIRREL! I really do not like squirrels because they are always in my garden and they taunt me! They give me so much abuse, but stay just out of reach. They shout at me from up in the trees and, while I am not too sure what they are saying, its almost certainly not very polite! Also of course, they are rodents! I mean RODENTS!

I turned around; saw the squirrel at the bottom of my steps, and so jumped on him! Well that was the plan but he was a speedy little rodent and ran off through my hole in the cedars (which I use as a shortcut to checkout out the back of the garden sheds.) He then went racing across the grass and I was just getting close enough to leap forward and grab him, when he made a really sharp turn. I turned to follow him but my back feet skidded a bit and lumps of grass went flying into the air!

I was soon on his tail again (almost literally), when he turned once more (lots more grass flying!)  and high-tailed it (Get it? High tail? A Ray joke!) towards a bunch of cedar trees. When he went under those trees, I was so close. Another step and I could have got him, but he jumped up onto the top of the fence! I followed him under the cedars and jumped up after him, but the fence was just a little too high. If he had fallen off however, he would have been mine!

He scurried along the fence towards a more open area where I could have probably got him, but then his mini-brain must have started working because he did a complete turn around and ran back the way he had just come! I guess I should be a little sympathetic, because how much of a brain can fit in those little heads? Anyway, he eventually jumped across to his tree, and then climbed up and way out of reach. I did take a giant leap at him when he was on the tree trunk but, again, he moved just a little too fast. He eventually disappeared from my sight, but I could hear him as he showered me with squirrel jeers!

I really don’t know why I waste my time with them because they taste really disgusting and, invariably, the struggle leaves some of their fur in my mouth which is really gross! I guess it’s because they are rodents, like mice and rats, and I don’t like them on my territory. They don’t even look particularly nice with their squinty eyes and stubby nose, and they all have really bad attitudes!

Rabbits are totally different, even though I chase them as well, but I’ve never caught one of those guys. Then there are cats… that’s CATS! They are worse than squirrels, but I’ll save those stories for another time! Ugh! Cats and squirrels! What is the world coming too? Woof!


Many thanks Erika ( https://erikakind.wordpress.com/ ) for suggesting a Ray perspective.

21 thoughts on “Ray’s Perspective (see previous Post)

  1. It’s nice to hear another dog’s perspective, Ray. We don’t get too many squirrels around here, but when we do, they make me crazy because they let me ALMOST get them, then turn around and disappear. I really think they do it on purpose, you know what I mean? They sure are fast little buggers!

    Have a great Sunday 🙂 Woofs and wags, Kona

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  2. Yes squirrels can be Rude, can’t they! The way they taunt you, I feel for you. You may not have caught it, but I am sure you probably made his heart beat out of his chest. He may be more careful next time he comes into your territory. Be aware though that just because their heads are small they still can be pretty smart and manipulative like you! Go wake your Dad up now for some treats, you deserve them after sharing your story.

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  3. Good try, buddy. I am always on my leash, so I have stopped trying with those tree rats. I half-heartedly lunge to the end of the leash (without pulling) and then watch them disappear. Mom says I’m a good girl.

    Love and licks,

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