Mr. Ray – Celebrity!

Yes, Ray is a celebrity once again!

Quite some time ago now, he was featured as the “Patient of the Week” by the North Oakville Animal Hospital (NOAH) who were in the latter stages of treating him for his heartworm condition at that time.Β  He was featured on the Oakville & Milton Humane Society website as an Alumni from there, and our local paper (The Oakville Beaver) did a story about him.

All those events took place in 2013, and we are pleased to state that all the publicity and recognition did not change him.Β  He would still do pretty much anything for food, and would still let you know (in very direct terms) if you displeased him!

Recently The Oakville Beaver has once again shown an interest him, and the August 12 issue included a very nice promotion of his book (link below):

Will he maintain his cool composure, or will he start behaving irrationally like many humans after getting some publicity? Time will tell!

Important note: I have been asked to stress (to anybody not familiar with his book) that, unlike a number of other “doggie” books…. Ray is very much still alive and well! This means that you can get his book; read it; fall in love with him, and be assured that he most certainly does not die at the end!


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  1. And you might want to mention, that your book has the perspective of Ray telling HIS side of the story. Always an interesting interpretation of the incident.

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    • Yes we’ll both leave lots of stories behind when we go. Our Moms and Dads will have lots of memories, but the people who never really knew us will be able to read our stories. Kind of cool eh! Woof! Ray.

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