Ray? Food Connoisseur?

Ray has always loved food which has been his greatest asset when being trained and, given that he displayed no signs of any prior training when he first moved in with us, that was a major asset!

A food connoisseur is, however, not a name that I would put on our beloved Ray as his love of food extends to anything that looks remotely like food. We soon found out that the list of potential snacks, at least in Ray’s mind, is endless! This really means that we have absolutely no concerns about what he will eat at home, but many concerns about what he will eat when out on a walk!

Celery has always been a treat for him. He gets small pieces of celery when his coat is being brushed; when his teeth are being cleaned, andΒ  when his claws are getting trimmed. The only time that he has shown disinterest in celery, or any other treat, is when something clearly more tasty is available! Needless to say, we just make sure that everything else is out of sight as necessary!

WeΒ  recently bought some celery from a different store and, while it was perhaps a shade greener than we would normally buy, we were expecting to have it in a salad and (of course) use it as necessary with Ray.

Pic 1 – Two pieces of celery are tossed down to Ray

2016 08 19a

Pic 2 – Ray does not devour them!

2016 08 19b

Pic 3 – “This is really disappointing guys.”

2016 08 19c

Connoisseur he may not be, but he certainly knows when something is not quite right! We decided that, based on his performance, we were not going to eat it either. This “boy” knows a lot more than we give him credit for!

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  1. As you know Kali, like Ray, is all about the food. Although I don’t think she is quite as discerning as Ray when it comes to quality. Afterall when deer poop is seems to be a delicacy Kali is willing to hunt for as we walk around our property discerning is not even in her vocabulary. When I was a kid I used to love celery with peanut butter steered on it. Maybe you can try that with Ray and let me know what he thinks… πŸ™‚

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    • Celery and peanut butter? I can guarantee that he would devour it Michael. He only recently rejected celery and, as it was a little “sour”, we weren’t too impressed either. He seems to like any veggie that is crunchy, and loves peanut butter. Of course he also loves, coconut oil, yogurt, bread (toasted or plain), cookies (his and ours), cheese…….. and so the list goes on! Deer poop he has not come across in his time with us, but goose poop? He finds that really interesting for some reason! πŸ™‚


      • Before we moved and Kali and I walked on the closed golf course along the creek trail I pulled out a few hand full of goose poop from Kali’s mouth. Her throat and practically into her stomach actually. It was interesting how she allowed my hand to go very deep into her moth and push my fingers down her throat to extract the goose poop. In retrospect, now that she has dined on the finest of deer poop, what’s a little goose poop going to do. I still try to steer her away from the poop on our property but I’ve had many people tell me that eventually the dogs get bored with eating deer poop so I have begun to look the other way in hopes when she does that those people are correct.

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        • I don’t think that deer poop (given that deer are grazing animals), should be a problem from a digestive aspect. Might not do too much for Kali’s breath! Ray used to eat his own poop when we first got him! The suggestion was that he was perhaps trying to remove any signs of him being around. Who knows!

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  2. Hi Ray. I always have drawn the line at celery and lettuce, although I liked almost everything else (not bananas). My taste buds are slowly returning to normal after the chemo, but there are still what I know are yummy foods that my mouth rejects. Have you tried fruit, like peaches and apples? Yum,

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  3. Dogs sense more than we do and their reactions quite funny. Maggie likes yoghurt, but only if it’s fat free and unflavoured. She likes gingernut biscuits, but ony if they are dunked in Hubby’s tea. But the classic was the other day in town when a couple offered her the froth on their coffee following our conversation. I asked if it was latte when she refused it, and they said it was cappuccino. Maggie prefers latte froth, though we don’t give her a lot, just a couple of licks off the lid when we’ve finished.

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