More Celeb Work!

I shall be away from my computer for most of today and tomorrow but, unless my God has other plans, will be back on Thursday to respond to emails, comments, and catch up on your Blog Posts. Now back to “business”!


This past Sunday was the Oakville & Milton Humane Society’s fund raising Mutt Strut! We participated and, as expected, Ray behaved admirably. He totally ignored a little dog who lunged and barked at him, and was the “perfect gentleman” with the more sociable dogs. Of course there were lots of people with treats so Ray had a good time!

As we wandered around the stalls, we met Maria Bell who we had met at last year’s Mutt Strut. She is a local photographer / dog lover and creates “Dogs of Oakville” books as a fund raising venture for the Humane Society. She was very taken by Ray and explained that she was currently working on a new “Dogs of Oakville” book and wondered whether we would like Ray to be in it!

We met her this morning (Monday) in a local park where she took a whole pile of pics of him, and Ray was the almost perfect model for her! In emails later in the day, she made comments like:

“What an amazing dog he is”

“He’s sooooooooo darn handsome”

“He’s truly an incredible and very wise boy”

Due to copyright/ownership restrictions, I cannot show you the pic that will be in the book, but a pic on her Instagram account is copied below.


Below is a link to some of her work. She really is extremely good!

… and… she very kindly promoted Ray’s book (of which she apparently has a copy) in her Instagram account!

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  1. Maria is awesome! My 3 cats are in the “Cats of Oakville” book (pics taken by Sandro of Leash Out Photography). An amazing experience for them too, although I am sure they were not as good as Ray when it came to being photographed… being cats they had their diva moments!

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    • Hi Kimberly – You came as a bit of a surprise being ( I believe) my first link with someone local! I visited your blog and I could not find your “Follow me” button! That could of course be by design, but most Bloggers encourage others of similar interest to Follow and get automatic notification of updates. Many thanks for your Comment and yes, Maria is awesome! πŸ™‚


      • Hey Colin! I started following your blog because I met you, Carol, and of course Ray at the Farmers market when I volunteered to sell the OMHS tickets. My blog is outdated and was used for a course that I took at the University of Calgary for a certificate that I took – it is all about my volunteering with animals but the blog was used only in the context of learning how to blog and use other social media tools – so probably no follow button as I have not used it since 2015.

        I love Ray’s adventures and have read a number of them… keep up the good work!!!

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        • Thanks for the explanation! Given your involvement with OMHS, and assuming that you have free time periodically, you might want to consider resurrecting your Blog. There are people all around the world that love to hear about rescued animals, and can often benefit from “hands on” perspectives. Have a wonderful day, and please feel free to visit any time! πŸ™‚

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