Simple Pleasures!

I had a relatively frugal upbringing in that we had what was needed, but very little else. After leaving home and starting life on my own, that lifestyle continued. Starting a family very early into my marriage assured my immediate future of being equally frugal and it was not until we had been in Canada for a few years that our financial situation eased to a point where “needs” were well taken care of and “would likes” could be considered. However, life habits do not tend to change too much after a while, and I am still very happy with simplicity.

This morning, I was greeted by Ray at the top of our basement stairs as usual and, as usual, he followed me into my bedroom and watched me as I put my shoes on. He has this odd habit of waiting until I am bent over to tie my shoelaces, and then he comes up to me and butts me with his head! I have no idea what that means except perhaps “Hurry up Dad!”

We then went into the kitchen and I held his collar while he pushed his head through it! (He doesn’t wear it during the night), and then we went outside, and Ray wandered off to find his pee spot for the morning. This is all regular routine for Ray.

Our garden is not particularly large, but it does allow me to have some fun with him! After he has finished peeing, I wander down to the bottom of the garden and wait. He knows that the next notable event is me getting him his breakfast so he will walk over and stay close to me. I then run across the garden towards our house! I am probably half way across when Ray goes flying past meΒ  and up the steps to the back door. I can then watch as he does a complex sequence of vertical jumps and 360 degree turns. Pure excitement on his part, and pure pleasure on mine!

All dogs are fun to watch as they run and leap around, but there is something about a larger dog that I find fascinating. It may be just his size? Perhaps his physical ability despite his size? Perhaps simply because it’s Ray? Regardless of the explanation, I just love to watch him as he bounds across the garden and is so clearly happy and very excited.

I give him his bowl of food with the usual “Wait buddy!” … which he does. He reminds me of a coiled spring at this time as he is poised (and swaying with anticipation) waiting for “Take it!” He then dives in!

After that he hovers around me once more because he knows that I will get him some rutabaga, after which he goes into his den and patiently waits. He is being patient because I have been making myself a drink and some toast while he has been eating and have not completed that process just yet, and he is waiting because his final breakfast course is a biscuit.

He is not only very entertaining at times, but he is a real joy to have around the house. I cannot think of any piece of technology that could come close to the pleasure that we get from Ray. Simple pleasure? That may be a bit of an exaggeration in the contextΒ  of Ray, but in comparison with a lot of other things, I can go with simple!

Love you buddy!

22 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures!

  1. Simple pleasures indeed. Likewise. I can imagine Ray doing a 360 and leaping in excitement.
    Maggie’s key phrase for allowing her something is ‘You can have it’. This is from bowls of water, dinner, treats or the occasional toy. But the funniest thing has to be water. If it is not fresh, she normally won’t touch it, just stand there, look, and point with her nose. Put a bowl down and say ‘You can have it. Fresh water with bubbles,’ and she dives straight in. Bless her.

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  2. Made me smile. I love watching all my dogs run. And big dogs? Only the thudding of giant Shire horses is as impressive.

    And when they wrestle and play? It sounds like they are killing each other, but their body language is pure joy.

    Almost as joyful as when I come in the door. Even when I’ve only been outside for 2 minutes.

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  3. So very sweet! I love to see Maggie ripping around like the “hairy bullet”. I too have grown fonder of the simple things and just snuggling with my good girl makes me happy. I’m so glad you and Ray have each other.

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  4. I get that. On days when I have time, I spend about an hour in the afternoon bonding with my cats who are all lying in sunspots. They are mellow and happy. Only Morgan is seriously interested in any kind of playing but I can usually get the other two to jump for a string for a few minutes. It’s peaceful and for me rewarding. As for breakfast, if I am slow getting up I will find 3 cats on the bed staring at me. Makes me smile.

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