One more Summer day!

Today (Friday) could well be our last day of “tshirt and shorts” so we decided to take Ray down to the lake, and then work our way back through the town with the inevitable Lululemon stopover!

Ray, as expected, became quite excited when he knew that we were heading for the lake and totally enjoyed himself paddling around and grabbing sticks. 2016-10-07-2

Of course who can resist chomping on a large stick fresh out of Lake Ontario?


After probably 5 minutes, he started to wander up onto the grass, and clearly wanted to follow the trail. We went along with him and knew exactly what was on his mind…. biscuits at Lululemon! He was not disappointed.

With the exception of us guiding him across the roads (he has no concept of traffic whatsoever), he pretty much took us directly to Lululemon. The biscuit bowl was outside, together with a water bowl so for Ray it was perfect. Leaving Lululemon presented the usual challenge of him not understanding why we were walking away from a bowl still full of biscuits, but he eventually acknowledged that we were leaving and , apart from trying to go into every clothing store we passed (they probably all smell like Lululemon to him!), we had an uneventful walk home.

Carol and I did stop at an outdoor patio and sipped lattes while Ray chilled out under the table, which was very nice. Soon the patios will be shut down and the weather not so conducive to sitting anywhere outside but today… it is still Summer. Tomorrow? Who knows!

41 thoughts on “One more Summer day!

  1. Those last warm weather days are always the best. I really like the early fall with cool mornings and evenings but warm days that I seem to appreciate more because I know they will soon be gone. Great way to spend one more day of summer for the three of you Northerners. The pictures of Ray are great! He is such a handsome boy. If he wasn’t neutered and Kali not spayed what a beautiful litter they could have πŸ™‚

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    • Hi Cupcake. I do exert myself periodically, but then I also compromise so that all 3 of us are happy. I am now waiting for the leaves to fall because I remember having so much fun rolling around in my very own leaf pile seemingly a long time ago! Woof! Ray.


  2. Sounds like a perfect day. We have been enjoying the cooler morning and evening temps, too. I am surprised at how clear the water is in Lake Ontario! Makes me not want to go into the TN river and adjoining lakes anymore.

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  3. Here too. We are expecting rain today and next week’s temps are much lower even for the nice days. Our cats are still enjoying the screened porch but within the next month or so, they will go there less. It’s not so much the temperature but the fact that they don’t like the door between the house and porch closed. There is no real place to hide on the porch so they feel vulnerable. They like to scoot inside if someone scary (and all strangers are scary) pulls in the driveway.

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