Even having that as a subject line at this time of year really bothers me.

I know there are some people that, like me, don’t start thinking about Christmas until the beginning of December, but I also know that so many more people do in fact start planning at this time of year… as evidenced by the marketing machine which is now starting to churn out Christmas ideas!

However, having said that, I am making an exception this year and totally blaming it on every one of my new Blog Followers, and those of you who are in my general age range (you know who you are!). My new Blog Followers are targeted because this might be news to them, and you “more life experienced” Followers because you have probably forgotten!

This is my pre-Christmas message (imagine jingling of little bells in the background)!

If you are a dog lover, or have a dog lover or two on your Christmas list, then your Christmas plans must include a book (or books) about a naive Englishman, who had never owned a dog before, but who was adopted by 75lbs of German Shepherd/Rottweiler with a very bad attitude.

The book is a true story and covers our (I am the naive Englishman) celebrations and heartaches as we adjusted to living with each other however, while the book covers a roller coaster of emotions, both Ray and I survived to tell our stories. Unlike many dog books, my hero did not die towards the end and is obviously (from this Blog) very much still alive!

“Who Said I was up for Adoption?” can be ordered through any major book retailer world-wide, or can be ordered on-line from Amazon, GoodReads etc., and is available in eBook, Paperback and Hard Cover formats.

Book cover pic on right of screen contains link to more information.

They you are! A little bit of forward planning and you already have some gift issues resolved!

ps. All profits from book sales are going to the Humane Society that rescued our beloved Ray, and worked on him for 4 months in order to make him an adoption possibility!


32 thoughts on “Christmas!

  1. I’ve just done my first Xmas post (working in retail, I avoid Xmas for as long as possible!) so I’m glad to know I’m not too early. Your book looks like a lovely festive read, glad it has a happy ending too! x

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    • Hi Ella. Yes the “Happy Ending” is a pleasant change from so many dog stories. The book is also quite light reading so a perfect gift for dog lovers, and (according to the reviews) even for non-dog lovers! πŸ™‚


  2. Hi. I’m a dog lover and a Xmas lover so I really enjoyed reading this blog. I have written a blog recently about Blogmas. I’d appreciate it if you would check that blog out, and comment a xmas related question for my xmas q&a. Thanks!

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    • Hi Monika, I agree! That’s the biggest challenge with writing a book …… getting it promoted! I did have an offer from a professional publicist but at close to $10,000.00 it was not feasible, which leaves it me to alert the whole world. It’s a bit of a challenge! πŸ™‚

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        • It certainly is unless you have a lot of expertise in the various aspects of the business and so can do it all yourself. I supplied my cover pic, but had the cover layout done for me. Likewise proof reading; professional input to text and general presentation/layout; registering for distribution and making available to all stores world-wide and in various formats… were all contracted out. Was it worth it? Financially very questionable, but there is a sense of achievement in having ones own book “out there”!

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  3. With that title you are lucky I opened your post. If anyone hasn’t purchased this book, they should. You don’t have to be a dog lover to enjoy it but if you are all the better! You could have called it 50 Shades of NaΓ―ve…..

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