On the rocks?

While we were on our adventure (see yesterday’s Post), we had to wander around the outside of the old Alton Mill and came across a nice place for pics alongside the old mill race (water channel).


You can just see the water falling behind us and, if you listen carefully, perhaps even hear it!

Ray had a great time following a smorgasbord of new scents and, given all the creatures that tend to follow water channels, It was no doubt quite the smorgasbord!

Perhaps I should explain that the rock that we were sharing was not very deep (front to back), so my right hand was supporting Ray’s rear and preventing him from falling backwards, while my left hand was ensuring his overall stability.

Needless to say, once the pics were taken, he was ready to jump down and continuing his exploring!

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    • There is something “cleansing” about the sound of falling water. We have Niagara Falls about a 1 hour drive away, and I could spend the whole day just watching and listening! In fact, when my elder sister (in UK) passed away, we did drive to “the Falls” and it was a wonderful time to reflect and “process” my loss. πŸ™‚

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