That Face!

I often go browsing through the pics of Ray, usually for Blogging reasons, or to just go back a few years and reflect on his early times with us. Today (Oct 20), I was looking at some 2013 Fall pics of him playing in his pile of leaves, and thought that I should look at some more recent pics to see if any would inspire a Post…. and I found one taken a few days ago!


Not only is he so good for the camera (although I have to declare that even without a camera in sight he can be quite motionless), but look at that face!

I know that some of you are in love with him, and so are we!

It is so easy to put human emotions onto that face. What is he thinking about? Is he really deep in thought? Perhaps he is wondering about some event in his past life?

Sometimes, when he is like this (which is quite often), it is easy to believe that he is missing somebody. A dog friend? His Mom? The freedom to run across fields and play in streams?

I feel rather inadequate in these moments because, although he is not going to tell us what he is thinking, he clearly is pre-occupied with something, and yet all I can do is acknowledge how good he is in front of a camera!

34 thoughts on “That Face!

    • Nope. He has a good life, and seems to appreciate the fact. His coat is in beautiful condition and his black fur has a lovely sheen to it. This is much different from the Ray that wanted to be friends with me in early 2013! 🙂

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  1. It’s probably very simple (not that he is simple-minded). I can hear him thinking, “hmmm…do I smell something? Where are those damn squirrels? Was that a leaf floating down? Is this a good day for Lululemon?”

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