“Food Glorious Food…..

…. What’s next is the question” (courtesy of the musical “Oliver!”).

Because we registered in The Dog Rescuers Inc. walk, we received a little bag of “goodies” for Ray, and in it was a squeaky sausage shaped toy. In true Ray fashion, he was excited about it for a few seconds and then his focus went predictably back to his main interest in life!


In the bag was also a bag of chicken treats. Given that I was holding the camera, you can guess where Carol was with the bag of treats!

“Hey Mom…. can we open that bag now…. please! I’m being good! I’m not demanding! Please!”

All that happened on Saturday. Yesterday we took Ray out for his walk and, as usual, we headed in the general direction of the park where Saturday’s events were held. It is simply on our route to numerous other locations. Typically we would cut diagonally across the park but this time was going to be different… Ray different!

As soon as we were in the park, he started pulling to where the doughnut tent was the day before! He circled around there for quite a few minutes with his nose stuffed well into the grass and clearly tracking scents. He then moved around to where the various picnic tables used to be. He knew exactly where the BBQ had been positioned and having scoured the area, and seemingly totally confused about all that good stuff disappearing over night, he then proceeded to double check and around the park we went again!

With a “C’mon buddy. Let’s go to Lululemon”, he reluctantly tagged along as we left the park and headed downtown. Once we were approaching the various stores, his pace picked up and it was obvious that his focus had changed. When we got to Lululemon’s store, much to Ray’s bewilderment, he saw that the biscuit bowl was empty! The store was really busy so nobody was available to rectify the situation, but I put some treats in the bowl and then put the bowl down in front of him. He seemed quite happy with the consolation prize!

On our way back home, we stopped at Tim Hortons where Carol and I sat on the low wall outside and had coffees, while Ray had some pieces of doughnut!

I don’t know what he thought about his day but, from my perspective, it probably started out rather disappointing, and then deteriorated, but picked up later to be a pretty good day in general! We even got some video of him playing with his new sausage toy at home in the back garden. Hopefully, that will be tomorrow’s Post!

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  1. With Ray’s obsession with food, if he was given a lot of food would he eat it all or just until he was full? I’m curious as my food obsessed cat will overeat some but then will stop. Later she won’t finish her dinner because she’s still full. For me that begs the question of whether I should feed her more earlier in the day or if that would be temporary and she would gorge again in the evening.

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    • My history of cats would infer that they are generally quite capable of pacing themselves regarding meals. Ray, I suspect, would just keep eating until his body controlled his brain! Given that he is my first dog, I don’t know whether that is typical canine behavior.. or a learned survival skill from his past. When I see obesity in dogs, it does make me think that perhaps Ray is not that unusual in his approach to food. We have just been very successful in keeping him under 80lbs!

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