Ray’s new toy!

Those of you who have been Followers for some time may recall that Ray does not play very often and, when he does, it only lasts a few seconds. He didn’t seem to know how to play when we first met him, which we surmised was simply a result of him not being allowed to play in his earlier life.

Given that he showed no evidence of any training, and had no social skills whatsoever, there is a possibility that he was taken away from his Mom rather prematurely so he would not have learned too much from her.

At The Dog Rescuers Inc fundraising event this past weekend, he was given a new toy. A squeaky sausage thingy! The video is a compilation of 3 short videos taken over the course of about 5 minutes. Our beloved Ray is learning to play… slowly!

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  1. That’s definitely playing. I find not all toys are viewed as equal by Bailey. She prefers stuffed animals inside and a natural rope toy outside. I have noticed that she is more interest in balls after watching her friend, Cas, play with them. Now, they play keep away with one another. Keep the playing up, Ray!

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  2. WOW, Ray. Playing is the best, isn’t it?

    I have a bunch of squeaky toys – some are smallish, some are almost too big for my mouth (it’s kinda’ tiny); all different shapes and sounds. I also have these antler things Mom got when I was teething. I still chew on them sometimes, but mostly I bowl them down the hallway. And BALLS – boy are those really fun (especially when they roll under something I can’t crawl under and Mom has to leave the computer to get them out for me).

    Mom likes to play with my toys sometimes – but she is mostly into throwing them. I have to go “get it” and put them back into one of my beds so they are “safe.” I have a big frisbee and a little frisbee too – made ‘specially for dogs so they don’t hurt our teeth. I think Mom got them at some Amazon place in the computer.

    We play the frisbee game every day, first thing – and I don’t even have to deal with that darned leash! She sails one into the wind and I get to chase it. If I want her to throw the next one – and I DO – I have to “bring it” and “drop it.” At first I got treats too – but now we just play frisbee and I get treats for little tricks that make her happy — like “sit” – “lie down” – “shake hands” – “sit UP” – “jump” and “high five.” I like that last trick especially because my Cheers bar friends laugh when I do it with them.

    It’s hard work keeping watch over the 2-legs, and you know what they say about that: “All work and no play makes Fido a dull dog.” (I’m hoping to meet that Fido some day. I KNOW I could get him to play.)

    Woof! Tink

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