Missing Witnessing!

You see… when I am not at home all day, this is what I miss!


I miss looking at Ray when he is (possibly) asleep, and having the following internal dialogue…

Why do does he have just one leg outstretched? I have seen pics of other dogs in similar positions but, while it does not look like a particularly comfortable position, they do seem to be relaxed and possibly even asleep!

Is he really just choosing to stretch one leg? I have never seen him go through a process of systematically stretching out his other legs.

Does he perhaps have a muscle cramp and, like me, cannot bend his leg for a few minutes? But he does not seem to be in any discomfort.

Perhaps he is reaching out to invite a tummy rub? This is a possibility because when giving him a tummy rub, he does occasionally rest his front paw on my arm.

Perhaps he is just dreaming, and the outstretched paw is appropriate given the circumstances of his dream?

Of course, as with any Ray related puzzle, it is not likely that he will ever explain his actions to me, so all I can do is contemplate the possibilities, but I do miss not being there to witness them first hand!

22 thoughts on “Missing Witnessing!

  1. A perfect position for a tummy rub. Bundy sleeps like this often, sometimes against a wall and sometimes fully stretched with all four legs are extended. We call it his “dead bug” impersonation. I’m told that dogs feel safe and secure when sleeping like this because it is a vulnerable position to be in, not sure how right that is but it is nice to think that they feel that way.

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  2. You should feel pretty good about this position. According to the article I link to in this post:
    he is in the “Crazy Legs” position which says “it means that they’re very confident and secure with themselves, and with their home environment. This makes sense especially since sleeping on the back translates into being the most vulnerable position for a dog.”
    It sounds like Ray has come a long way! πŸ™‚

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  3. We called this the Titanic position, as Maggie (and her predecessor Barney) sleeps like this, and the leg gradually comes down only to rise again and sink, and rise again, and sink to rest and snoring. Love the big guy! πŸ™‚

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