Dejected Ray?

Our standard lunchtime routine is to eat in the end of our kitchen where we have a small seating area. I usually sit on a white wicker two-seater, and Carol will sit on the matching chair. Ray will sit on the floor, very upright and between us, and do his best to hold eye contact with both of us! His motives are blatantly obvious, and they usually work.

Just recently however, I was unable to be there at lunch time and Ray, being the routine driven guy that he is, apparently did not know quite how to handle this change in routine. Carol sent me the following pic!


He had parked himself in the right spot, but his usual excitement about a meal time seems to have been replaced with confusion and possibly feelings of dejection!

34 thoughts on “Dejected Ray?

    • You are so right Cupcake. I really don’t like it when the pack is not all together after all, it’s my job to protect them… and I can hardly do that if they keep going in different directions! Woof! Ray.


  1. Aw. Poor guy. I used to give my old dog a treat. Basically, I saved the last bite of my meal for her. She knew it and expected it. My Mom used to laugh, I’d put my hand down with her treat not even realizing I was doing it. Hope the pickings improve for Ray 🙂

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