Ray’s first friend?

An excerpt from my book about Ray.

In order to set the context – Ray was living at the Oakville & Milton Humane Society and was not too impressed with people he did not know (prospective adopters) coming to take him out for walks. He had already developed good relationships with a few of the Humane Society staff, especially Matt who he allowed to touch him. This was a major achievement because Ray was generally distrusting and fearful of humans at that time.

The extract below is Ray’s perspective on his situation.


“Much as I liked Matt, I really didn’t get to see him that often. In fact, it seemed that when we did meet, it was just by chance; however, he always took the time to show that he cared about me by talking softly and gently touching me. I really wanted to see him more often and, by accident, I found out how to do it!

One day when I was feeling a bit out of sorts, one of the OMHS humans came to put the harness on me and I really didn’t want to go out with more humans I didn’t know, so I decided to let her know how I felt. I was most uncooperative, and trying to put a harness on a large uncooperative dog is a waste of time! Believe me!

Guess what they did. They called for Matt to come and put my harness on! Whenever I wanted to see him after that, I just made it very difficult to get me ready to go out so they would call Matt. I loved it! These humans can be trained. There is hope for me yet, and for them!

Perhaps if I can find somewhere else to live, and with humans who can also be trained, my life might be pretty good!”


For more information about the book, please click on the front cover link over to the right. Perhaps it will make an ideal Christmas gift for the animal lovers on your list and remember (most important), this is one dog book in which the star does not die towards the end. He is still very much alive!


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