A Ray Anniversary!

When Ray was picked up by the Oakville & Milton Humane Society, as a result of being advised that he and another dog were hanging around a farming property, he was estimated at 2 years old. That was on November 20 2012 and, in March 2013, he adopted me.

His first 18 months of living with us (a very emotional roller coaster ride) is covered in his book “Who Said I was up for Adoption?” (see link over to right).Β  During that year, we introduced him to a variety ofΒ  delights that we suspect he had never experienced… such as water melon!


As at today, Ray is about 6 years old and is living the life that we would wish for all dogs. He knows that he is secure and that we will take care of him; feed him and love him. In return he offers us his unconditional affection; his very effective protection, and continual entertainment.

Happy rescue anniversary buddy. We are so happy that you chose to become part of our family!


42 thoughts on “A Ray Anniversary!

  1. Tink here – late to the party, of course, but that never stops me from ringing in anyway. Isn’t watermelon the best?!

    I’m not sure about this heartworm thing, tho’ – Mom tries to hide those pills that are supposed to protect me from worms and fleas (in cheese or chicken or hotdog pieces and stuff), but I don’t like he taste of those pills, so I keep spitting them out. She can be a bit slow on the uptake sometimes – she keeps trying new tastes ::shesh!:: But – once she’s forked over enough goodies, of course – I eventually give in just to make her happy.

    She saw a heartworm heart in a jar at one of the vets (before I was born) – and she says if anybody else ever saw it they’d go without food to pay for those pills. (kinda’ drastic, I say, but Mom can be stubborn)
    Woof! TINK

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  2. Happy Anniversary! Good lookin’ canine, too….if only I weren’t a feline….meoooow! (My human is telling me to behave; she says I should also praise you both for your heart and not just the doggie for his handsome countenance…OK! OK! Bless your hearts and souls! (I hope she’s satisfied, now that she’s forced me to be a bit sappy. sheesh!)

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  3. Ray, you have such smart humans! They figured it out “you adopted them”. You enrich their lives and make them better people! Good job Ray, educating one human at a time is tough work. Have a great day, Roscoe and Monty. 🐾🐢

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  4. Happy Anniversary Ray! Anniversaries are a good thing to celebrate!
    Congrats to you as well Colin for the benefits you get of unconditional affection and love. Plus free entertainment is always good, especially when you can share it with your readers! We benefit as well, you are just passing the entertainment along πŸ˜‰

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    • Hi Kimberly. Nice to hear from you again! – Just watched your video! Great job! Hopefully Ray’s book “Who Said I was up for Adoption?” will also help your AdoptDon’tShop promo. It not only covers the rewarding aspects of adoption (our Ray is priceless!), but also the very real responsibilities that must be accepted. i.e. Adopting any animal should be considered a long term commitment and should not be an impulsive decision! πŸ™‚

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    • Ray had Stage 2 Heartworm* when he moved in with us. I rather suspect that his alternative could well have been a short life with a rather painful ending, and I would have missed out on an amazing education and a wonderful relationship.
      *Because of the relative scarcity of heartworm around here at that time, and considering the cost of testing for same, our Humane Society did not test for it. Further, being a totally “donations funded” operation, they would not have not been able to justify the high cost of treatment when considered against their other responsibilities.

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