Ray in Dogs of Oakville Book

Yesterday was a special occasion for Ray!

Earlier this year we had bumped into Maria Bell, a local photographer, on one of Ray’s walks. She knew him from earlier meetings, and asked us if we would mind him being photographed and included in her next Dogs of Oakville book – a fundraiser for the Oakville & Milton Humane Society (OMHS). Of course we agreed; a time and place was established, and Ray modeled himself yet again!

The book was just recently made available and, while I was away, Carol took Ray to OMHS and purchased a copy. Yesterday was a book signing session at a nearby Bark & Fitz store so, much to Ray’s delight, his walk was to Bark & Fitz!

Ray was once again the centre of attention for a few moments and, apart from attempting to steal a bag of treats on the way  out, he behaved extremely well.

34 thoughts on “Ray in Dogs of Oakville Book

    • Ray was adopted from there in March 2013, and they have been a huge support to us when confronting various behavioral issues (and he had lots!). Your donation will no doubt be used well! 🙂


    • Hi Cupcake. They talked about it but decided against putting anything on my pads. I just had to lay around and look cool… and checkout everybody’s pockets just in case! You just never know where the treats are unless you sniff everybody eh! Woof! Ray.


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