Snow Boots!

Much as Ray has fun in the snow, and seems to have no problems with the winter temperatures, he really does not like having his paws covered!


Sadly, due to the salt and other chemicals that are frequently spread on our sidewalks, he must have his pads protected. The above pic was taken this past January, but our snow is just around the corner and, much to Ray’s displeasure, it will be snow boot time again!

40 thoughts on “Snow Boots!

    • He will usually try and kick them off, which makes for an amusing walking style. The problem is getting the boots sized correctly for his foot and lower leg such that they do not come off easily. It only takes him a minute or two to adjust to them and then its back to a normal walk! Without the boots he would simply stop as soon as his pads started stinging from the salt and other chemicals.

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  1. Those are some sharp looking boots, R. So handsome and fancy! I also wear the dreaded boots for protection from the road salt and chemicals. Mom enjoys wrestling them onto my feet. I can tell because she says the word, “This is ridiculous.”

    Love and licks,

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  2. Jack also has to wear boots because he has webbed toes, snow gets in there and freezes into little triangle shaped cubes. OUCH! Have you found any boots that stay on well? We have spend a fair bit of money on boots for Jack, but he always looses them. We finally had to resort to those silly rubber balloons!

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    • We too had some trial and error exercises but we ended up with Muttluks (Fleece Lined). Our first pair (Med) were a bit of problem re coming off, but we sized up (Lrg) and they were fine. Would suggest you see website if you are interested. 🙂

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  3. Sorry for asking a stupid question but, as you know, we don’t see snow in this part of the world. I want to ask what effect the salt and chemicals have on the soil, the ground water and the environment in general. Tell Ray I completely understand his stress – I hate wearing shoes and prefer flip-flops, which is okay for the beach, of course.

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    • Environmentally, salt and chemicals are not good. There are environmentally (and pet) friendly alternatives but they are more expensive so are used by some people (including us) but not by the town when doing their road and sidewalk Winter maintenance. Our early snow may well stick around until the Spring due to consistently low temperatures which then makes for large chemical run-offs into the storm sewer systems… eventually ending up in Lake Ontario! Not good but, sadly, the high priorities are in keeping commerce moving, and keeping taxes down! No doubt we will pay the price later!

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  4. Kinky boots eh? Very swish and sensible. Know what you mean about chemicals though. We have to be careful in the summer when they are spraying weedkiller and keep Maggie away from the grass verges. On the marina, they can’t spread salt on the pontoons or gantrys (ies?) so we have a dustbin of sandy grit at the top of each. Maggie is fastidious in keeping her paws clean, and can lick them raw, so we have some medication for that in the doggie first aid box.

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