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I like the Search box on WP Blogs for all the obvious reasons. It allows me to locate an earlier Post, and allows you to search based on specific parameters. It is always interesting (and often surprising) to see just how many Posts are listed as a result of a single word search.

Ever since Ray moved in with us, one of his regular walk routes has taken us past a government run building that has a large grass area in front.Β  At sometime in its history, that grass area was separated from the public sidewalk by a row of closely planted evergreen trees however, we have only ever seen a few isolated ones. Tree stumps are the only reminders that there were many more in earlier years.

On our walk yesterday, we noticed that one particular stump was on the grass, and a few feet away from a hole which we assume was its original location. How it got there was a bit of a puzzle.

The stump was quite small and had minimal roots attached which, given the years that it was in the ground rotting, was not a surprise. What did surprise us a little was Ray’s interest in the tree stump. He checked all around it, possibly picking up scents of other animals, and then he very deliberately turned and straddled it!

This was a little precarious for him because it only just fitted within his four feet which were on the grass, and was an inch or two below his under-body. At the moment when we realized what he was doing… he did it!

He edged himself forward just enough so that his rear was over the tree stump, and then he pooped! One stool fell off and onto the grass, but another two landed perfectly! At least he chose a visible location, and they were easy to pickup, but why over a tree stump?

Back to the first paragraph of this Post, if you use the search term “Poop”, you will see a remarkable number of Posts being listed as a result! I am not sure whether that tells you something about Ray’s creativity with bodily functions, or my lack of creativity when writing Posts. I think I will stop here!

26 thoughts on “Post Searches?

  1. This was so humorous. One can surely feel that you drifted away from your topic until the last stanza. πŸ˜€
    Though I was very sure you would come up with the relatable content somewhere before the ending of your post. πŸ˜‰

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  2. OH MY! I never would have guessed from the first paragraph that this was going to be a post about poop. Ray likes to keep you guessing and on your toes about what he will do next. Exactly like you my friend! An expert at keeping people guessing at what you will do or say next. πŸ™‚

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  3. Cats are different as they cover (usually) their poop. However, I do have a cat that likes an audience. If someone is watching she will not squat to pee but make a fountain sometimes missing the box! Maybe Ray’s amused at your vigilance with his poops and tries to make it interesting for both of you!

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  4. HAHA. This post was endearingly humorous on many levels. I think the answer the “A.” Our furry canine friends can indeed be very creative when it comes to excretion of waste…but I believe it is only ‘waste’ in our minds; to them, it may be a work of art to appreciate. Indeed, I believe poo on a tree stump may be just that! πŸ˜‚

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  5. Who knows anything of canine thought processes – I certainly don’t. We just came back from the beach (where dogs are not allowed, a bylaw that all of us blithely ignore) and as ALWAYS, Genis just had to stop for his daily beach poop parade on the lawn right in front of the lifeguards’ post. Does he need an audience for this action? Luckily, they know him by name and we always come prepared with poop bags, but I wonder what on earth the holiday-makers think of this show.

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