Beauty and the Beast?

The Beast: Our Winter has started a little more aggressively than usual, which makes for some interesting speculations for January and February next year!

We recently had temperatures in the -5C/23F range which, due to a strong wind, dropped to -18/0F. During that time we had freezing rain followed by about 4″ of snow. We had no sooner cleared that as best we could (the ice was a challenge), when we had another 4″ over night last night.

This morning was spent shoveling snow and breaking up the ice in preparation for more snow forecast later today and over night! Being right on the edge of Lake Ontario, and being so early into Winter (the water is not freezing yet), any arctic air mass coming from over the lake tends to pickup moisture and dump it on us as snow (aka “Lake effect snow”).

The Beauty: I had an appointment early this morning and so decided to take Ray out into the garden around 7:00am. At that time of the morning, dawn was breaking and what little light there was, highlighted a beautiful back garden scene of snow covered tranquility. If you can imagine a garden of trees and shrubs, all covered in snow, and highlighted by a blue/grey light…. then you have it!


Photo taken January, 2011, but you get the idea!

Once Ray got down the steps, he took off like a rocket and charged around the garden! He had occasional breaks when he would check the scents along the fence lines, but then he would once again go careening around at full speed. He loved it!

Sadly the lighting was too poor to try and film but, hopefully, we will soon have an opportunity with good lighting!

Beauty and the Beast? I guess one has to have  one, in order to appreciate the other! 🙂

23 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast?

  1. One definitely needs to have an encounter with a beast to cherish beauty. Though not always, but at least once. 😀
    And a land this freezing. It shivers me out to even think of this temperature.
    Love to Ray! 🙂

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  2. We don’t have a dog but I love to watch the squirrels playing in the snow. they chase each other in circles and run up trees. The doves circle the pond which is partially frozen over and walk on the ice. All the birds are flocking the feeders and I usually throw some seed on the ground for the juncos. It’s such a peaceful scene. I can imagine Ray doing zoomies in new snow.

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