The best laid plans… (etc)!

We were expecting another 4″ +/- of snow overnight so my plan for this morning was to take Ray out at 8:00am (instead of the usual 7:15-7:30). This would offer much more light and provide an opportunity to video Ray charging around!

As often happens, things turned out rather differently! Ray was excited to go outside; it was quite light, and I had my camera… but where was the snow?

Regardless of the lack of a winter blanket, and regardless of Ray’s lack of “fresh snow” motivation, I got a short video anyway as he brushed a row of cedars at the bottom of our garden. Perhaps he liked the brushing sensation, or perhaps he just wanted to smell like Christmas?

Once he disappeared behind the tree, I had to verify what he was up to, as much can happen behind a tree that is inhabited by (currently) sleepy squirrels and raccoons. While I kept filming as I walked around the tree, I decided to edit that part out as Ray was simply… well… doing what he needs to do in the morning!

The poor guy deserves a little privacy!

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