Drive-Thru Surprise!

Yesterday’s Post included a photo of Ray in his typical traveling position. He does also stand, particularly when he senses something interesting outside, or simply believes that he knows where we are going, and we are nearly there! His standing is an interesting position for us because, if I make a sharp turn, he will usually rest his head against the nearest head or shoulder, seemingly to just stabilize himself.

Going through a Tim Horton’s drive-thru (especially in warm weather) can be a little precarious because he gets very excited at the thought of possibly  a plain TimBit! Given that he has significant freedom to move around, the positioning of the car at the pick-up window is rather crucial.


“Let’s see.  He’s turning into Timmies drive-thru entrance and my window is down a little. This has possibilities!”

The goal is to stop such that I can receive our order easily, while stopping Ray from attempting to intercept it.  He has two strategies to try and expedite getting his TimBit. One is to try and force himself between me and my open window. He really does not have enough freedom to be very successful, although he has surprised a server or two! His alternative is to reach out through “his” window which can have potential if I have it down too far!

It therefore becomes critical to stop at the earliest opportunity that allows me to  receive  our order. If I only slightly overshoot the pickup window, then Ray will have his head and shoulders out of his window if remotely possible!

He did surprise a server once, and I can only imagine how things unfolded for her. She was probably having a perfectly normal routine kind of day, and was preparing two coffees and a plain TimBit for the next car (us) in line. I always fold my driver’s-side mirror in so that I can get really close to the window as it makes things easier for both me and the server.

She would have seen me pull up really close, and picked up a tray with our two coffees and a bag with a TimBit in it. As she reached out to so that I could take it, Ray was trying to climb out of his window! She was clearly startled by this large furry head trying to intercept our order, but quickly regained her composure with the all too common “Oh………… he is so cute!”

I wonder what she would have thought if he had snatched the bag, containing the TimBit, out of her hand!


33 thoughts on “Drive-Thru Surprise!

  1. My dog trainer once told me about a client of hers who had her dog with her when she went through the McDonald’s drive through window. She forgot that she had the back window down a bit too low, and the next thing she knew, her dog had jumped out of the car, into the window and disappeared in the kitchen! I can’t even imagine how that one ended…..

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  2. Ray is a big dog to restrain in the car, but he looks like he knows the ropes – and how best to get that treat 🙂
    LM has her own seat belt on the back seat and sits there very nicely – unless she sees a dog while we drive! 🙂 (I often have to stop the car and sort her out!)

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