It was almost Christmas…!

Those of you with dogs and hardwood floors will be familiar with the “claws on floor” clicking sound. Just  imagine… waking up; the room is dark, and you hear a “click click click” sound followed by a brief pause, and then a “click click click” fading away.

A few moments later, you once again hear “click click click” and getting louder. It suddenly stops! Then there is a confused series of clicks, followed by a rhythmic “click click click” as they once again fade away!

This gets repeated a number of times…. and this was my morning! While I was waiting for something to happen, it never did! Eventually, of course, my curiosity got the better of me so I turned on the beside lamp. Clearly Ray was up to something, but what? I also noticed that it was 7:00am, being 2 hours later than my usual wake up/get up time!

I threw some clothes on and then saw Ray, laying on the living room rug and watching me. This was going to be interesting, because I am usually in the basement from around 5:00am until 7:45-8:00am (when it is light outside), at which point I come up stairs and go outside with him. Once he has been outside, he gets his breakfast.

The questions going through my mind were numerous:

Did he really need to go outside now? Hopefully not, because I would have to go out in advance to ensure no nocturnal visitors were anywhere around! I would prefer to avoid an unexpected confrontation, as I am sure would some of our potential night visitors!

Was he expecting to go outside now simply because he wanted his breakfast?

Was he going to be happy with me going down to the basement at this unusual (to him) time?

I decided to pick up on my normal schedule and see what happens!

I sat down and had my breakfast  and made a coffee. Ray just lay on the kitchen floor and watched. I turned the light on to the basement, and turned the kitchen lights off. Ray just watched. I went down to the basement and booted up my pc… and listened. There was not a sound from upstairs!

I worked on my pc until 8:00am; then came back upstairs, and there was Ray waiting for me in his usual place at the top of the stairs! I went outside with him and then gave him his breakfast… and everything was per normal routine!

I can only assume that  his earlier pacing around was simply him trying to decide how to handle me being late with my routine. It would appear to have had nothing to do with any speculation on his part about getting food earlier, other than perhaps he didn’t want my “tardiness” to impact his routines!

(“Colin is two hours behind schedule, but I can’t wait until 10:00am to go outside, and I certainly don’t want to wait until 10:00am to have my breakfast! What does a dog do?”)




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    • His schedules are very detailed and important to him such that if we make a minor change (such as eating from a bowl, rather than off a plate, at dinner time), he seems perplexed. If we feed him, but then do not have our meal, again he is perplexed because we have changed the order of things!

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  1. Creatures of routine. Now tht we have put carpet throughout the boat, apart from the thump as Maggie jumps off the bed, we don’t hear her padding as she gets up for her nightly drink. On cold nights though she doesn’t bother and just snuggles down at the foot of the bed, but gradually wriggles her way up between me and the side. Hubby gets up around 6am, but us girls stay in bed and snooze. However, if I’m not moving by 8am, I get a foot on my face as if to say Oi! Time to shift!
    We made a mistale with laminate flooring in our bedroom when we had our other dog. The noise frightened him, so he would simply sit in the doorway and stare.
    Hope you all have a terrific Christmas. 🙂 Hugs, bikkies and treats by proxy. 🙂

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