This is an extract from my book about Ray (“Who Said I was up for Adoption?” – available from all on-line book retailers), and covers a part where Ray is recounting our inconsistencies and how they confuse him!

To set the scene, Ray was out on a walk when we stopped at a crosswalk and waited for our light to cross!


“Anyway, here’s the problem. While I was sitting and wondering what’s so important on the other side of the road (so important that I was usually ignored for a few minutes), either one of them was likely to suddenly say “Okay……. let’s go” or simply “Let’s go” or “Okay, buddy”, or just “Okay.” and probably a few other things that I don’t recall at the moment. I knew from their body language that they all meant for me to get up because we’re on the move again.

Just to emphasize how confusing they can really get, they also used “Okay” to settle me down if I was clearly getting stressed out. Typically, I would hear “It’s okay buddy.” or “It’s okay Ray”, or sometimes just “It’s okay”. In those circumstances I was most likely already on my feet and probably quite agitated so “Okay” really doesn’t work there does it? To make it even more complicated, they used the same sounds for when I’m simply standing still and just trying to figure out where I am relative to my favourite places. I’ll be just standing there working things out when I’ll hear “C’mon buddy, it’s okay!” or a variation of the same.

They seem to be making an effort to be more consistent but that “Okay” really confused me. Listening to other humans talking, it does seem to be a very common sound for them. Maybe that’s why they all seem so confused all the time.”


Just a reminder that all profits from the book go to the Humane Society that rescued our beloved Ray, and worked on him for 4 months to make him a feasible candidate for adoption. I should also stress that, unlike so many books about dogs, you can be assured that Ray is still alive at the end of the final chapter so if you did not get a good book for Christmas… treat yourself!

16 thoughts on “Inconsistencies!

  1. Hey Ray, I get it! For a long time I thought my name was “No no Henry” or Phooey that Henry” but come to find out it is just “Henry”. Roscoe and Monty told me that they had the same problem with Mom when they were puppies.

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    • Hi Henry! My name is really Ray…. but sometimes my Dad calls me Buddy. Some people we meet actually think my name is Buddy! What’s worse is that I have a friend down the road who is really called Buddy! Humans! Woof! Ray.

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  2. Sometimes it’s amazing animals get trained considering how we train them. Sometimes it’s ok to eat and sometimes it’s not. Just because the food in on the high floor (counter) instead of the low floor doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste just as good.

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    • I think that is why the trainers that we have met on our journey with Ray, will only train a dog if its owner is present. Their perspective is that the owner really needs to be trained on how to work with a dog. The dog will catch on really fast if it is done correctly! 🙂

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  3. Dogs and people from other countries that are not native English speaking always get confused by our crazy use of language. BTW – the book arrived! It is third in my stack – may take a while to get to – but I can’t wait! 🙂

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    • The English language (and presumably most others) is always very difficult to grasp to any high degree of competence simply because so much is dependent on voice inflections, emphasis, and body language. Learning the words and how to use them in a sentence is simply the first step! Hope you enjoy the book!

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