I’ve used this pic (below) before, but I just came across it again and it said “Summer!” to me!

Summer is, of course, always welcome after a typical Winter here. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the cold weather, I really do, even though it involves dressing in layers to keep warm.

The problem this year is that here we are almost at the middle of January, and in another mild spell of weather. Our last snow has virtually gone, and the ground is soft under foot (our ground usually freezes solid to about 3-4 feet down)!

2015 06 21 18CR

Now I am not totally averse to warm weather, but the bitter cold really does give Spring a whole new meaning as I can then look forward to the milder temperatures, but now…….?

I love contrasts as it makes life so much more interesting, so I will just hope that the February and March weather is more… well… “Canadian”!

For those of you who are having “real” Winter weather, enjoy the pic of Ray and dream of Summer. It really is not too far away!  🙂


34 thoughts on “Summer!

    • Just waking up in the morning is reason to celebrate. Waking up to changing seasons is also a good reason to celebrate. Waking up and being the unique you is a wonderful reason to celebrate. Have a really lovely day Prajakta. Take nothing for granted… and celebrate everything! 🙂

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  1. A happy feeling picture 🙂
    Yes, the temps are rather crazy! It is 64 degrees right now. We could go on a hike if it wasn’t soggy and muddy.
    Our winters can be so unpredictable. We probably will end up how we did last year. Winter will hit suddenly in 1 week-end. Will bury us in 3 feet of snow!

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