Chickadee… dee… dee… dee… dee!

Just before 8:00am today, I opened the curtains to check for any garden visitors before I went out with Ray… and was greeted with a wonderful sight of fresh snow! We have quite a few cedars along our back fence to act both as a privacy screen, and to give us some color during the Winter months. They were carrying small amounts of snow on their foliage so it was a very pretty sight and (bonus) it was only -1C/30F!

Ray was as excited as ever to go outside and leap around, after which he did his run back and forth under the cedars! He could be checking the fence line for evidence of intruders; or perhaps he just likes the scent of cedar on his back, or perhaps it was a “do-it-yourself” back scratching session.  Whatever his rationale, it seemed to give him great pleasure… and then I heard it!

Chickadee… dee… dee…dee… dee!

For those of you not familiar with a Chickadee, here it is!


We have a conservation area nearby where they are so used to people that they will eat out of your hand (hence pic) and they love sunflower seeds and peanuts, but our garden visitors have not reached that comfort level just yet!

They are very cute and make a lovely Chickadee… dee… dee… dee… dee sound!

Just imagine a garden coated in fresh snow; a comfortable temperature; a happy dog bouncing around, and a Chickadee singing its heart out! Perfect!

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  1. What a sweetheart! It’s the RSPB birdwatch later this month. I missed it last year, but may well particpate this year as there is such a lot of wildlife here at the moment. We have a wren building a nest close to our pontoon finger and it seems the blackbirds up by the gate had a late brood last year. Wonderful stuff!

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