Thanks… I think!

To all you people who tried to divert some of your snow to us, would you please try a little harder?

Over last night and throughout this morning, we were forecast up to 10mm of freezing rain. That would be followed by 10mm of rain! Snow may well have moisture as its basis for existence, but in no possible way can it be confused with rain or ice!

Our situation is also a little precarious because we are within walking distance of Lake Ontario**, which is of such a size that the water temperature will influence our weather. This just means that weather forecasters have to make allowances for those of us living on its shoresΒ  and, in this particular situation (serious ice storm coming up from the US), anything was possible… they gave themselves lots of latitude. We could expect snow, ice or rain!

Following our usual routine, Ray was ready to go out just before 8:00am. I noted the outside temperature at 1C/34F, dressed accordingly, and went out with “the boy”! He was not happy!

Much as Ray loves to play in the lake, he has a strong aversion to puddles and in order to take his normal route across the grass to his various pee spots, he has to cross the patio. The patio is very slightly below the grass level and had therefore become a wading pool for anybody interested in wading. Ray was not interested and detoured around it and through a shrub area. There were a few icy areas but, at that moment, we were just getting rain.

Normal routine would dictate him having a pee, and then running under the cedars and cavorting a little until he felt the need to take care of other business. This morning was different. He wanted nothing to do with our current weather and, after his pee, just looked at me with total indifference and went back through the plants and up the steps to the back door! He had “spoken”!

** Comparisons (thanks Google and Wikipedia): Lake Ontario 18,960 sq km (ranked 14th in the world per area); Lake Geneva 581 sq km; Lake Windemere 14.73 sq km; Lake Tahoe 496.2 sq km

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  1. Molly Malamute would trade a bit of flooding rain for a smudge of cool snow…it’s winter, but for some reason the Winter hasn’t passed along much chill and being indoors in the AC is getting boring..ditto on the lack of interest of going out even if the moisture is in different form


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