Who has our snow?

The subject line is a serious question. Who has got our snow? If it is you… then would you please return it because we miss it!

We are over halfway through January and have no snow on the ground. I went back into my archive of pics to reflect on our 2014/2015 Winter, and last year was not much different.

Below: Dec 31 2014  – Having fun but… no snow!


I recall coming to Canada in 1975 and being amazed that, not only were we shoveling snow in December, but future snow falls were just piled on top.  The standard comment after a few hours of shoveling was “So where on earth are we going to put the next lot?” The snow we had in December was still with us in April/May when the warm weather would start to do its work! This was the norm for many years.


Above: Our street on Jan 30 2009.

After a heavy snowfall, we would get to socialize with the neighbors as they too were shoveling away, and help out less able residents as necessary.  When the sidewalks had been cleared, driveways once again accessible, and street drains cleared, we would go inside for a hot drink.. or even take it outside and admire our work! A drop of Scotch in a coffee fitted very nicely into the day!

Later that day, or during the night, the town’s street plow would do its job of clearing our street and, in the process, leave a wall of snow across everybody’s driveways! Back out we went and once again cleared the access to our driveway!

We really miss our snow. Can we have it back please?

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