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A few things have happened which may be of interest to a number of you.

The City of Mississauga (our neighbor to the East), which serves a population of around 800,000 has decided to carry “Who Said I was up for Adoption?” in its library system. While that will have minimum impact on the funds raising aspect of the book (for the Oakville & Milton Humane Society), it is so nice to know that Ray’s story, and all that can be learned from it, will be available at no charge for anybody who wants to borrow it for a while. I am now working on some other library systems to see if they will decide to do the same.

Tellwell, in Victoria, B.C., are working with me to get my book of poetry published and are currently working on a cover design based on my perception of how it should be! The book itself is undergoing numerous revisions but then.. that is normal. For more information, please see the revised Poetic Verse page.

… and then there is Ray! We still have no snow on the ground, but our early morning temperatures have been around -5 to -10C / 23 to 14F. Ray just seems to love those temperatures! When I go out with him in the early morning, he just leaps in circles and charges around the garden seemingly spending as much time in the air as he does on the ground. He obviously has a very powerful spring in each leg! Not only is he entertaining, but it is lovely to see such carefree behavior.

He has also just recently out-smarted us (yet again)….but that is planned to be tomorrow’s Post!

26 thoughts on “Blog Updates!

  1. -5 to -10C. And Ray loves it. And I cannot get my head around those temperatures. Congratulations on the successes (Ray’s book and your poetry). I’m looking forward to the next post … it sounds intriguing> Greetings from a very hot (27C :D) Africa.

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  2. Haha, sounds like you have a lot going on, unlike myself, as you can see from my blogs that I am very ordinary and like to talk about , simply, my views on the world and everything. Also, sounds like the weather is quite freezing where you are, also seemingly unlike myself.

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  3. Colin, your literary career is really taking off. 🙂 It’s high 30’s F here which is pretty cool for us, and Riley and Lucy spent about a half hour in the fenced yard playing together. Yay!

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