Ray’s New Strategy!

Ray was one step ahead of us once again!

When we go to our local supermarket, one of us must look after Ray while the other one goes food shopping. While he is attached to both of us, he is certainly more attached to Carol.

This means that when I do the shopping, Carol can take him into the lower area (ground level) of the store and wait for me to come down an escalator with the shopping. They may look at the racks of greeting cards; perhaps checkout the flower shop or even the wine shop. He is known by a few people there so they make him feel welcome and heΒ  is quite happy to wait with Carol. When he sees me, he can then he can get a little boisterous, but we are leaving the store at that point!

In total contrast, when Carol does the shopping, I do not take Ray beyond the entrance lobby. This is because of the noises he creates! He used to get really stressed to the point of barking, but that was resolved relatively fast. I just took him outside whenever he barked, which was clearly not what he wanted!

While the barking has stopped, me (and anybody who is passing through the lobby) is now treated to some really pathetic wailing sounds.Β  I cannot imagine how disruptive that could be if I took him where Carol takes him beyond the lobby!

On Monday (last), he dreamed up a plan which, in his logical mind, would have made sense. Carol was holding his leash when we entered the lobby area. If she is going to do the shopping, this is the point that his leash gets passed to me, and Ray and I sit down and wait.

Just as we were completely in the lobby area, and the outside door closed behind us (electric doors), a shopper triggered the opening of the inside doors. The first thing I noticed was Ray charging through the opening with a very tight leash and with Carol in tow! There was no opportunity to bring him to a stand still until he was well into the store so…

He got his wish, and I did the shopping… but next time… we will be ready!

31 thoughts on “Ray’s New Strategy!

  1. GO Ray!
    Mom zips me into a little carry bag with windows and I ride in the tall part of the cart nearest to her. I LOVE the food stores (not the big Kroger one or the one with the ice cream – they already kicked us out once – but the little one that sells other things too, and the expensive one with the health bread Mom buys – they pretend they don’t see me).

    If I am good (which means quiet, which I always am) she buys me a bag of really good treats and I get one in the store while she puts all the stuff on the counter and then back into the cart. Then I get a whole other one after a short walk on my leash, after we’re back in the car.

    It’s one of the advantages of being a little dog, I guess. But the door thing sounds like it’s more fun.
    Woof! TINK

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  2. I remember the first time Maggie triggered the eletric doors outside a supermarket. She stopped abrumptly and looked into the open space as they closed again. She was fascinated, especially as when she moved, they oened again, but she made no attempt to go inside.

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