Welcome Spring?

Given my recent thoughts that Spring must be just around the corner, I guess (?) that it has arrived… but Canadian style!

We had 3″- 4″ of snow yesterday; much the same overnight, and some more expected during today. This morning I met our next door neighbor and we both agreed that Spring has arrived. Much as we would like some warmer weather, we are now into a typical Canadian Spring.

To celebrate the season, my neighbor will be getting his snow blower out. Carol and I will be getting our shovels out, and Ray will be roaming the back garden, or tethered to the front porch… and we will all be celebrating this gorgeous time of year! For those of you in hotter climes… we are not going to share our good fortune!

Below is a very brief video taken early this morning!

28 thoughts on “Welcome Spring?

  1. Oh, how Bailey would love to join Ray on his snow adventure. I could really relate to welcoming spring with another snow dump. March and April are generally the big snow dump months. Bailey loves it which adds fun to a chore.

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  2. I loved the video it just warms the heart to see an animal doing something they enjoy. We thought our spring had arrived as the last two weeks have been in the 80’s here. They now say we will only see about 45-55 as a highs the next 3 days with freeze warnings at night. Enjoy your Spring!

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  3. It’s really nice to see Ray enjoying the snow as it makes me feel a little bit better. We are getting snow here today as well. I am not happy about the snow and will not be celebrating it. (Sorry) I know it is pretty, but I am also pretty sick of the cold. So yes, I am glad to see that Ray enjoys it so much.

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    • Hi TC. Given that I cannot do anything about the weather, it’s more a case of deciding whether to be happy with it, or miserable about it. I chose to be happy, and can focus on that when I see the beauty of the fresh snow on the shrubs and trees; the neighborly gestures that it draws out; Ray’s clear pleasure at playing in the snow, and I even get a workout clearing it! Much as I will look forward to wearing shorts and tshirts, I can handle this!:)


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