Thoughts of Spring!

This is an odd time of year (particularly this year) as the weather is lulling us into a sense of Spring, and it has certainly convinced our garden. I am a little more sceptical as I’ve shoveled snow in May before now! However, it is nice to believe that warmer weather is just around the corner and, with that thought in mind, I was browsing through some 2014 pics of Ray and came across this one!

April 13, 2014 – We’re being silly on a rock in a nearby park, with Lake Ontario in the background. Note that there’s no snow; I am wearing a light jacket and scarf… and no gloves… and no hat! One has to conclude that the weather was quite reasonable and, as April 13 is not that far away, perhaps there are reasons to be a little more positive?

28 thoughts on “Thoughts of Spring!

  1. What a great picture!
    You do never know what may be around the corner, do you? But I feel fairly certain that I can at least depend on Spring being around the corner. 🙂
    Supposed to be in the 70’s today!

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  2. Great picture of Ray and you. They tell us, that if you want to learn the proper way to do something, find and expert. You can count on Ray. I hope the spring weather is right around the corner for you.

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    • Thank you Ron. I hope so too! Really looking forward to May when “The King’s Arms” (20 minute walk away) gets its outdoor patio setup once again. They are very dog friendly so Carol and I can go out to dinner! Yeh! 🙂


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