Ray Power No.2!

I have written numerous Posts about the power that Ray seems to have over people… which he is well aware of and exploits to its maximum potential. He has had stores unlock their doors early in order to give him a treat; open up after their closing time for him; store renovation crews have given him treats, and other stores are slowly succumbing to his charm! See link below for earlier Post:


Just recently however, Carol and I wanted to have an evening out this past weekend and, fortunately, Ray’s only “Ray approved” dog sitter (Heather) was available. When she arrived at our home, Ray was immediately out of control (in a very excited way) and proceeded to express himself very clearly. They have always had a very special relationship, but once he realized that she had pepperoni with her……………..!

Apparently, Heather dropped in on our local pizza store and ordered something to have for her supper while she was here, and suddenly decided to ask for a few slices of pepperoni! Realizing that the request may have seemed a little odd, she felt it necessary to explain that she was on her way to dog-sit her friend Ray… and did they know him!

The name Ray got immediate attention and, once they knew it was Ray who lived just around the corner, the pepperoni slices were wrapped and thereafter followed some conversations about our beloved Ray!

Of course he will now expect pepperoni whenever he sees Heather, but that’s her problem! I just shake my head at all the ways that he manipulates (trains?) people, but when you can manipulate (train) a dog trainer (Heather is a trainer with our local Humane Society – which is where they first met), I really cannot see how much higher he can go, but he will no doubt surprise me yet again one day!

Perhaps one day, someone will show up at our front door and say “Hi Colin. I was just at Tim’s getting a coffee and thought that you would probably like a Boston Cream donut! Here you are. Enjoy!” Of course I am now entering the realm of fantasy so I think I’ll stop here!

26 thoughts on “Ray Power No.2!

  1. It does my heart good to hear how proud you are of your Ray. He deserves it. And as for people doing stuff for you, might as well forget it. It’s all about Ray, and he knows it. šŸ™‚

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  2. That’s fantastic! I always love dog friendly places! We had a bookstore in PEI when we lived there that stocked Jack’s favorite cookies just in case I popped in! Really made us feel special, and as I am very much a “dog mom”, I love the ability to take Jack with me when I go somewhere!

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